What affect did slavery have on the world today?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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well no no one is fucing racist 2 black ppl like me

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Q: What affect did slavery have on the world today?
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Where does slavery exist in the world today?

In some parts of the world, slavery would still exist.

Does slavery still affect companies around today?

Answer 1No.Answer 2Yes. Slavery is a huge issue in the developing world and the number of slaves today approaches 21 million people according to the UN Commission on Human Rights, especially in Southeast Asia. Companies need to be very careful to make sure that their quest for greater profits does not result in them indirectly promoting slavery in the developing world.

When is child slavery happening?

Child slavery still occurs today all around the world.

What do you call slavery in the world today?

very very bad system of the world

What effects of the slavery do we have today?

In the world today there are 25 million people who are in slavery. Most are women and children who are sex slaves. Isis even has a manual on slavery and the taking of slaves when they conquer a area.

How does Harriet Tubman's life affect us today?

we dont! LOL

Was there slavery in the 1950s?

yes theres always been slavery it might not have been the same as before but slavery is slavery in fact theres still slavery today in some parts of the world

Did slavery end yet?

Slavery is illegal in most countries around the world today, but there are still instances of forced labor and human trafficking that can be considered modern forms of slavery. Efforts continue to combat these practices and protect vulnerable populations from exploitation.

Does slavery exist in the world today?

Yes, even though slavery is illegal, they don't enforce the law very well.yes

What was the end of slavery'?

The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution outlawed "slavery" and "involuntary servitude". This was in December 1865. However, slavery still exists in some other parts of the world today.

How does the Atlantic world affect us today?

The Atlantic is an ocean not a world.

When is slavery?

Slavery was common throughout history, but in most places, it has been abolished. The transatlantic slave trade that occurred between the 16th and 19th centuries was one of the largest forced migrations in history. Today, slavery is considered illegal in most countries.