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they surrendered- novnet

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Q: What affect did the union victory at Vicksburg have on the confederate garrison at port hudsun?
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Did the Battle of Champion Hill affect the civil war positively or negatively?

Positively - assuming you're not a Neo-Confederate! It was the battle that caused the commander of the Vicksburg garrison to retreat back to his lines, where Grant beiseged him till he surrendered. The loss of 30,000 Confederate prisoners, and the consequent liberation of the Mississippi, changed the course of the war, as no other campaign did.

How did the union victory at Vicksburg affect confederacy?

the confederacy was split in two after it lost strongholds along the mississippi river.

How did William Lloyd garrison affect the US?

William Lloyd Garrison had a huge impact on the media in the United States. He strongly represented freedom of speech for all as well as freedom of the press.

How did the Battle of Vicksburg affect the south?

It liberated the Mississippi and ended the war in the West, releasing Grant's army for service in Eastern Tennessee, and earning Grant enough credibility to qualify him as General-in-Chief in due course.

How did Abraham Lincolns reelection affect the South?

It ended the last hope of Confederate victory or negotiated peace. The election result meant that the North was voting to fight on. After this, the Confederates could do no more than resist surrender until the last moment, just because this was the Confederate thing to do. (Some would call it downright irresponsible.) The re-election of Ab. Lincoln put shame into the southerner's hearts. Also, the southerners knew that the war was over because of this event. After this, General Lee was surrounded and eventually surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse. Causing the war to be over, a Union victory.

How did the American victory victory at saratoga affect the course of the war?

It ended the war, therefore, there was no war after this point.

How did disconnect with the war affect the confederate army?

I dont now why are you asking me

How did patriots victory affect the native Americans?

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Need the mouth and year of the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg cripples the conderate army?

The Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1, 1863 and lasted until July 3. Although it would not be correct to state that the battle "crippled" the confederate army, the affect was devastating.

How did the battle of cold harbor affect the civil war?

The Battle of Cold Harbor was a defeat of General Grant. It was also the last victory of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The Union defeat however, only made Grant more relentless in defeating the Lee. In summation, the victory by Lee helped prolong the war and prolonged the ultimate defeat of the Confederacy.

How did Abraham reelection affect the south?

It destroyed Confederate hope for negotiated peace.

How did Abraham Lincolns affect the south?

It destroyed Confederate hope for negotiated peace.