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The affects would be generally the same as all other skeletal muscles: Cold muscles get less oxygen and that makes it more difficult for the body to remove waste products like carbon dioxide and lactic acid from them. Exercising with cold muscles makes it harder for them to burn fatty acids which then get clogged in the arteries. Cold muscles are less responsive to signals from the nervous system so movements are less coordinated. They are also less elastic and don't absorb shock or impact as well as warm muscles which then makes them more prone to injury.

Uncomfortably cold working conditions can lead to lower work efficiency and higher accident rates. Cold impairs the performance of tasks. Manual tasks are also impaired because the sensitivity and dexterity of fingers are reduced in the cold. At low temperatures, the cold affects the deeper muscles resulting in reduced muscular strength and stiffened joints. Mental alertness is reduced due to cold-related discomfort. For all these reasons accidents are more likely to occur in very cold working conditions. Cooling of body parts may result in various nonfreezing cold injuries. Fingers are at greatest risk because this area does not have major muscles to produce heat. In addition, the body will preserve heat by favouring the internal organs, thus reducing the flow of blood to the extremities under cold conditions. Hands tend to get cold more quickly than the torso because:

# they lose heat more rapidly since they have a higher surface area-to-volume ratio, and # they are more likely to be in contact with colder surfaces than other parts of the body. --submitted by

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Q: What affect does cold have on hand muscles?
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What factor would affect how hot or cold something feels to your hand?

the factor that will affect it is temperature.

How do do muscles in the scrotum affect the appearance of the testes?

The cremaster muscles are in the spermatic cords. When you get cold, these muscles pull the testes into the body. Also, there are tiny muscles in the scrotum itself, and when it gets cold, they draw up and give the scrotum a thick, shrunken, leathery appearance. So together, both sets of muscles make make it look like you have no testes at all.

What are the intrinsic hand muscles?

The muscles that control the hand are actually located in the forearm.

The extrinsic muscles of the hand originate on the?

the hand

Where do the extrinsic muscles of the hand originate from?

The extrensic muscles of the hand originate from the lateral epicondyle of the humerous

What muscles are used for gripping a tool?

hand muscles -_-

How does exercise affect your muscles?

by keeping your muscles stronger

Can you get a cold in your muscles?

yes, you certainly can. characteristics of the 'common muscle cold' are sneezing of the muscles, resulting in mucus excretion, and many larger muscles can cough.

What major nerve serves the flexor muscles of forearm and some hand muscles?

The median nerve supplies most of the flexor muscles of the human forearm, and some hand muscles. The ulnar nerve also supplies two flexor muscles, and most of the remaining hand muscles that the median nerve does not cover.

Does the weather affect how fast you pitch?

Cold weather makes it harder to pitch, because your muscles get tight and cold. Warm weather lets you pitch harder and looser, but can wear you down quicker. Rain does not affect much unless it is a cold rain, although it can make your grip slick on the ball.

How many muscle in the hand?

There are fourteen muscles in the hand.

How does stress affect your muscles?

Stress causes your muscles to tense. Continually tense muscles can also put stress on joint and affect bone alignment.

Which muscles in your body are affected by alcohol first a eye muscles b hand muscles c leg muscles?

A. Eye muscles

What kind of muscle is the hand?

The hand is itself not a muscle. Rather, the hand is a composition of carpal (wrist) bones, metacarpals, and phalanges for skeletal structure. Muscles are what allow these wrist/hand bones to move. The hand consists of 4 thenar (thumb) muscles, 3 hypothenar (on the hand part opposite the thumb) muscles and 6 short 4 lumbricals and 2 interossei) muscles.. All of these hand muscles have different actions, which explains why the hand is so complex. Contrary to what one might think, not all hand movements are caused by hand muscles. Many hand movements, such as pointing the index finger, for example, is actually controlled by a forearm muscle (extensor indicis).

What muscles do you use to swing a bat?

legs, arm, and hand muscles!

How many muscles makes your heart different then your hand muscles?


Does cold travel from the surface to your hand or does energy travel from your hand to the cold surface?

Energy travels from your hand to the cold surface. Cold is merely the relative absence of heat.

How many muscles is in your arm icluding shoulder and hand?

there about 50 muscles in your arm and hand and i don't know how many are in the sholder

The extrinsic muscles of the hand originate where?

The extrinsic muscles of the hand originate on the lateral epicondyle of the humerus.

How does temperature affect muscle action?

when it gets cold your muscles contract and relax. They do this very quickly to produce heat and in the meantime cause us to shiver.

Is stretching in the cold important?

Yes it loosens up muscles and prevents them from tearing. Cold, stiff muscles tear much easier.

Can you catch a cold in your muscles?

No. But it does feel like it ... and your muscles can become inflamed, but its rare.

Does writing at a slant have something to do with your brain or hand muscles?

Writing at a slant involves BOTH your brain along with your arm and hand muscles.

What controls thumb movement?

Muscles in the hand and tendons that connect to muscles in the forearm.

Is cold compress bad for tired muscles?

A cold compress is good for swollen tissues. For tired muscles the best thing is heat or massage.