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What affects temperature on earth?


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Its the latitude that affects the temperatures on the earth

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The ozone layer affects the temperature of earth. It causes global warming. It then affects the temperature of atmosphere too.

It affects us and the temperature and climate of the Earth.

Latitude Affects temperature.

The sun affects our air temperature by Heating the outer layers on the earth until it reaches the layer that we breath, that's how the sun affects air tempurature.

Greenhouse in some ways affects us for good. It maintains the temperature of earth.

The sun distance ensures a stable temperature on the earth, it also affects the length of our years.

deforestation affects the earth as it would increase the temperature in the atmosphere which would ultimately result in global warming.. due to deforestation wild animals lose their home and shelter during adverse conditions..

cold temperature affects the magnets strength by making it stronger

The time of year it happens to be affects the temperature not the other way round.

Temperature affects amagnets strenght

Temperature affects the saturation point (:

it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature. it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature.

Temperature affects comfort and thus the person's ability to sleep. As for while a person is already asleep, temperature affects the bodily functions and thus also affects the person's sleep.

the earth is heated by the sunlight and it affects it by it being too hot when the sunlight is shining on earth.

The temperature affects the color of a star.

Temperature does not affect altitude, altitude affects temperature.

Sublimation is accelerated at high temperature.

Temperature and pressure affects the solubility of a substance.

how temperature affecting titration experiments

Temperature affects insect by when and where they can lay there eggs.

the cycle of seasons most affects the earth around the sun

Ozone layer blocks about 97% of the the total received by the earth. Ozone depletion will expose earth to harmful radiations and will burn the life. The temperature will increase and make earth inhabitable place.

It affects all the atmosphere of the earth

There are many things that affects. Medium and temperature are examples.

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