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Bout 14-15 :)

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Q: What age are they if they are in year 9 at school?
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What age are year 7 8 9 and 10 school children in Western Australia?

What age are kids when they enter year 9 and when they leave year 9

Are you allowed to like someone who is in year 9?

Yes there is no crime in liking someone. Year 9 is age range 13-14 in school so just talk and get to know them but stick to the same year as yourself.

How does the Irish school system work?

Irish (Republic) School System: PRIMARY SCHOOL Age 4-5 : Junior Infants Age 5-6 : Senior Infants Age 6-7 : 1st Class Age 7-8 : 2nd Class Age 8-9 : 3rd Class Age 9-10 : 4th Class Age 10-11: 5th Class Age 11-12 : 6th Class SECONDARY SCHOOL Age 12-13 : 1st Year Age 13-14 : 2nd Year Age 14-15 : 3rd Year (Junior Certificate Exam - June) Age 15-16 : 4th Year/Transition Year (Optional in Some Schools) Age 16-17 : 5th Year Age 17-18 : 6th Year (Leaving Certificate Exam - June) University/College/Employment (18+)

How old should you be in the second grade?

8-9 years old (start at age 8 and turn 9 sometime during the school year or the summer after depending on when your birthday is)

Are there any age rules for netball trials?

it depends on the age group usually if it is an U14 team so in England school year 8&9 will apply etc.

American school system?

Pre-K An optional year or two that prepares the child to enter Kindergarten.Typically age 4 give or take a year Elementary school-Kindergarten-4th grade Kindergarten-Typically age 5 or 6 First Grade-Age 6 or 7 Second grade-Age 7 or 8 Third Grade-Age 8 or 9 Fourth Grade- Age 9 or 10 Middle School-Grades 5-6 5th Grade-Age 10 or 11 6th Grade- Age 11 or 12 Junior High (Sometimes Junior School is part of Middle School)-Grades 7-8 Grade 7-Age 12 or 13 Grade 8-Age 13 or 14 High school-Grades 9-12 Grade 9(Freshman)-Age 14 or 15 10th Grade (Sophomore)-Age 15 or 16 11th Grade (Junior)-Age 16 or 17 12th Grade (Senior)- Age 17 or 18 Then there is either college or university. Hope this helped!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What are the age groups of middle school high school and college in the UK?

The UK doesn't have a Middle School. We only have Primary School and Secondary School. But our Primary school is a mix of your Elementry school and Middle school rolled into one. So Primary School age groups are: Nursery (not really counted, you don't have to go) - Ages 3-4 Reception - Ages 4-5 Year 1 - Ages 5-6 Year 2 - Ages 6-7 Year 3 - Ages 7-8 Year 4 - Ages 8-9 Year 5 - Ages 9-10 Year 6 - Ages 10-11 Then you have Secondary School: Year 7 - Ages 11-12 Year 8 - Ages 12-13 Year 9 - Ages 13-14 Year 10 - Ages 14-15 Year 11 - Ages 15-16 Year 12 - Ages 16-17 Year 13 - Ages 17-18 *Year 12 and 13 are not compulsory

What are some summer camps for 9-year-olds and 14-year-olds?

There are many summer school camps that cater to both age groups. You should enroll them at Good Earth Village. The age ranges for that camp are 8-19 years of age.

What would year 9 be in Scotland?

Scottish schools have seven years at primary school, and four, five, or six at high school. Year 9 in England is the 9th year at school, so it equates to 2nd year at high school.

What age did Milton s Hershey drop out of school?

Milton Hershey dropped out of school at the age of 9, i believe.

Legal age for a child to babysit in massachusett?

My daughter is 12 and my other daughter is 9. i want to know in Massachusetts if it is ok for them to be home alone. My 12 year old stays home after school all the time by herself and on no school days. Usually my 9 year old goes to a afterschool program, but I am seeing if the 12 year could watch the 9 year old and it would be ok? thanks

How does the school system work UK?

There are 2 school systems in UK and only bedfordshire has a 3-tier the rest of the country have 2-tier.3 tierFrom the age of 4 you have to go to pre-school (Reception)When your 5-9 you have to go to lower school (Year 1-4)When your 9-13 you have to go to middle school (Year 5-8)When your 13-16 you have to go to upper school (Year 9-11)After that You can go to college or uni or move in to vocational training such as an apprenticeship2 tierFrom the age of 4 you have to go to pre-school (Reception)When your 5-11 you have to go to primary school (Year 1-6)When your 11-18 you have to go to secondary school (Year 7-13)After that You can go to college or uni or something like that