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There is no set or minimum age at all. Some churches teach that you must reach an "age of accountability", and usually make this about 13. The reasoning is: because that was the traditional age for Jewish boys to undergo the "Bar Mitzvah" ceremony in which they assumed full religious obligations, Jesus Christ was a Jewish boy, Christ died for our sins, therefore that applies to Christians . There is nothing in The Bible about having to reach a particular age before you can become a Christian. The only basic prequisite is to repent and believe the Gospel:-

Mar 1:15 and saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God draws near. Repent, andbelieve the gospel.

You can become a Christian at any age if you understand what this means. It is not an age of accountability, but rather a state of accountability.

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The age of Christian youth in many Church's varies, because a young person is said to either be accountable or not accountable for their sin. If a young person does not know right from wrong as far as God is concerned they are not accountable and are therefore not Christian. But a young person who knows right from wrong as far as God is concerned and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior they become Christian. This age can be from 6 or 7 years young depending on the understanding of the child. Most children are a little older before they become accountable and so the age of Christian youth varies. Some denominations have a set age for accountability. In most churches children of any age are welcome to come to church and participate in Sunday school etc whether they are Christian or not.

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