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Never. People never lose there desire for sex, just sometimes they get tired of doing it, or they feel it is awkward to make love at an older age. But your sex hormones never die, so there is no "age" when you lose desire for sex.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-11 07:50:53
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Q: What age do you loose your desire for sex?
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How do people get loose?

If by "loose" you mean promiscuous... lax upbringing, parents who had multiple partners, too-strict parents the child rebels against as they grow up, nonconsensual sex at an early age, a desire to "please" or become "popular" with the opposite sex (or sometimes the same sex), or a mix of these factors.

At what age will a man's sexual desire deminish?

peoples sex desire deminish at different times. Some people don't finish all the way to their death.

Will cholesterol influence sex desire I mean if you have high cholesterol it may influence your sex desire?


What does abstinence from sex mean?

may be no desire for sex

What is labido?

a person's sex drive or the desire to have sex.

What causes sex addiction?

its mostly age and it can also be a company or desire for companion There is usually something else behind it that they try to block out by having sex. Therapy helps with that.

Is sex apropriate for teens?

Masturbating yes, and having sex with others depends on age. Most kids in USA and Europe loose their virginity at 15-17yo.

How a female can control sex desire at the age 0f 40?

Find a hobby... Yoga or A type of meditative sport can rid of your desire, Or do a sport or activity that you like and you know will keep you busy.

How do boys satisfy their sex desire?

By either masturbating or having sex.

Do female dogs desire sex when they are not in heat?


How much does age play in a male's inability to climax?

Yes the age does play a big part, the older you get you loose intrest in sex and so also in getting a climax.

What is sexual desire called?

Libido is the term for sexual desire but other terms can be used: sex drive, passion, sexual desire, sexual appetite, sexual urge, erotic desire, sex instinct, or the hots (informal).

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