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At about 5 or 6 years old.

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Q: What age do you start first grade in Texas?
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At what age do you start CCD in the Catholic Church?

Children are accepted at the age of 5 years old. You can start as early as PreK4, but definitely start by first grade to ensure proper preparation for first communion in second grade.

What age do most catholics start religion school?

Most catholics start at age 6, when they are in first grade so they can receive Holy Communion and Reconciliation in second grade.

What grade did LeBron James start playing basketball?

Well, he started playing basketball at age 6. So, probably first grade.

What age should you be when you start 1st grade?

Research has shown that boys in general should definitely get a "late-start" in the first grade. For girls, it doesn't seem to matter that much. Boys maturity is slower. "High-performing" males generally are the oldest in the first grade.

At what age did Shaquille O'Neal start to play?

12 Grade

What age do students start school in Texas?


What age do you start elementary?

You usually start grade 1 when you are around 5 or 6.

When should girl start dating?

Around 6th grade and up. But first ask your parents,11 and up is a pretty good age to start dating

What is the youngest age you can drop out of school in Texas with parent consent?

me i dropped from 6th grade

At what age can you start dating?

there really isn't AN AGE. talk about it with your parents. I'd say around 6th or 7th grade my first real boyfriend was in 6th and its just a good age to start experimenting with what kind of guys or girls you like

What age can can you start drinking in the state of texas?

The drinking age for alcoholic beverages is 21.

What grade are you in by age 7?

For those children who start Kindergarten at age 5, they will be 7 years old in 2nd grade. Some children, however, start school later so it is not uncommon for an 8 year old to be in 2nd grade.

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