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16-24 for males however it is only an average as they are at their peak strength at this age. WHAT IS THE OVERALL AVERAGE

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Q: What age group is most likely to commit a crime?
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Which crime of the crime index are men and women most likely to commit?

all of them

Who in general is Most likely to commit a crime?

David C. Anderson

What age group is most likely to commit a property crime?

I'm guessing teenagers because it is a thrill to trespass and cause destruction to someone's property for fun.

Which age group is most likely to be the victim of crime?

The age group most likely to be the victim of a cybercrime are from the ages of 16-24 years of age.

What age group are most likely to commit suicide?

People who are teenagers who cannot control feelings

What is the age most likely for a young person to be when the commit a crime?

i think someone around the age of thirteen to twenty-four

Why do people like to commit crime?

There are different reasons why people commit crimes and most often depends on the crime they commit. Sometimes murderers commit murder because it makes the feel powerful.

Are boys or girls most likely to commit a crime?

Male and female both have the same ability to commit crimes. Choosing to commit a crime has nothing to do with your gender. Although we do tend to see a greater trend in violence and crime coming from men. It is debated that men with an XYY chromosome pattern are more prone to commit violence then men with an XY chromosome pattern Hope this helped(:

What is the most intolerable crime that a person can commit?


Do single men commit most violent crime?


What crimes did soldiers commit in WW1?

Most common crime that the War crime commission has a record of is mostly robberies and rape

Which sex is most likely to commit suicide?

Adult males are three to five times more likely to commit suicide than females, but females are more likely to attempt suicide.

What crimes does the death penalty commit to?

most likely murder

Who is most likely to commit suicides girl or boy?


Which crime is the most illegal?

All crimes are illegal. If you're talking about which crime is the most serious, this is a matter of opinion. But most people agree that the most serious crime one can ever commit is first-degree murder with aggravating factors.

What is the most common consequence for young people when they commit a crime?

They might get tried as a adult

Who are the two most likely victims of a hate crime based on race and religion?

African-American is the most likely to be a victim of a hate crime based on race. Jewish people are the most likely based on religion.

Who commit crimes more woman or men what is the percentage?

Gender is the single best predictor of criminal behavior: men commit more crime, and women commit less.In the United States, women constitute less than 20 percent of arrests for most crime categories.

I was charged with a 5th degree felony for shop lifting and I'm 17 so what are the consquences most likely to be like?

Hopefully the consequences are enough that you learned your lesson and won't commit crime anymore.

What is the most common way that a person loses American Citizenship?

You would have to commit a terrible crime.

What genre of music is most likely to lead people to commit suicide?


Which element in group 10 is most likely to gain an electron?

No elements in group 10 is most likely to gain an electron.

What group of organisms will most likely survive?

bacteria will most likely survive.

What crime is most reported to police?

Property Crimes are most likely to be reported

What is a killer of gay people?

Most likely called hate killers. In both crime and law, hate crime is a usually violent, prejudice motivated crime that occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group.

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