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What age is a horse mature?

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2007-12-14 04:57:10

A horse can mature in size normally at the age of 3-4 years old

but can take longer depending on breed and previous nutrition. A

horse can mature mentally anywhere from age 2 to age 6 it depends

on the environment and training and the horse itself. A mare

matures sexually at about 3 years old, but its bad practice to

breed before age 4- pregnancy can be damaging to a young horses

body and maturity as well as being very stressful both physically

and mentally resulting in miscarriage, early foaling and bad

parenting. A stallion can mature as early as two years old (depends

on the dropping of testicles). A colt can exibit "studly" behaviour

at age 2 but not be physically mature to produce offspring.

Typically 3yrs is mature sexually for a stallion.

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