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Some Olympic sports have age requirements for health and safety reasons.

Competition rules of certain international federations cite age limits as follows:

- Bobsled (minimum of 14 years old)

- Boxing (17-32)

- Diving (minimum of 14)

- Equestrian (16 or older)

- Figure skating (15 by July 1 of previous year)

- Gymnastics (must be 16 years old in Olympic year)

- Judo (15 or older), luge (16 or older)

- Soccer (under 23)

- Team handball (over 18)

- Weightlifting (17 or older)

- Wrestling (must be at least 17 on day of Opening Ceremonies).

There are no general restrictions among the International Federations on an "upper" age limit.

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Q: What age must an athlete be in order to compete in the Olympic games?
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The need to invest large financial resources in order to compete creates

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