What age must an athlete be in order to compete in the Olympic games?


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Some Olympic sports have age requirements for health and safety reasons.

Competition rules of certain international federations cite age limits as follows:

- Bobsled (minimum of 14 years old)

- Boxing (17-32)

- Diving (minimum of 14)

- Equestrian (16 or older)

- Figure skating (15 by July 1 of previous year)

- Gymnastics (must be 16 years old in Olympic year)

- Judo (15 or older), luge (16 or older)

- Soccer (under 23)

- Team handball (over 18)

- Weightlifting (17 or older)

- Wrestling (must be at least 17 on day of Opening Ceremonies).

There are no general restrictions among the International Federations on an "upper" age limit.


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For olympic gymnastics they must be 16 in order to compete.

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When it comes to Olympic sports, there is no maximum age that one must be under in order to compete. However, one must qualify for the Olympic event, and the minimum age is 16.

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