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As the saying goes, 'From 3-7 a child is learning to read, and from 7+ he is reading to learn.'

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Q: What age should a child start reading?
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At what age should a child start going to the dentist?

I think that they should start going when they are three.

What age should a child start music class?

three years of age

How old should one begin reading for kids?

You should start reading to your child from birth. Children love the quality time spent while reading stories. Research shows that children who are read to at an early age will learn to read much sooner.

What age should you start competing gymnastics at?

You should start competing at the age of 8,9,10 or 11 because when you are a child you are more flexible.

What is the proper age to let your child start modeling?

The proper age to let your child start to model should be 16, as the child at that age can make better decisions and have the confidence to become a model.

What age should you be to start reading gossip magazines?

i think 10 is good

What age should a child start writing?

it depends on that child ..but 5 years old is ..

Why should you get children to read?

children have to start reading at a young age, because reading will help their grammatic, and language skills when they start school.

How old does a child have to work in child labor?

a child should start working at the age of 14 according to the child labor .

When does a child start reading and writing?

The age varies, but usually around 4-6 yrs old. One of my grand daughters began reading bedtime stories to me at age 3.

What age did Matilda start reading?

age three.

What age should a child be able to start wearing wigs?

Whenever they want

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