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As the saying goes, 'From 3-7 a child is learning to read, and from 7+ he is reading to learn.'

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Q: What age should a child start reading?
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How old should one begin reading for kids?

You should start reading to your child from birth. Children love the quality time spent while reading stories. Research shows that children who are read to at an early age will learn to read much sooner.

At what age should a child start going to the dentist?

I think that they should start going when they are three.

What age should a child start music class?

three years of age

What age should you start competing gymnastics at?

You should start competing at the age of 8,9,10 or 11 because when you are a child you are more flexible.

What is the proper age to let your child start modeling?

The proper age to let your child start to model should be 16, as the child at that age can make better decisions and have the confidence to become a model.

Why should you get children to read?

children have to start reading at a young age, because reading will help their grammatic, and language skills when they start school.

What age should a child start writing?

it depends on that child ..but 5 years old is ..

How old does a child have to work in child labor?

a child should start working at the age of 14 according to the child labor .

What age should you start wearing make up?

Okay, I am ** and my cousin started doing my makeup at age 9 (almost 10.) I'd say you should start when you are... about 15-20. Thanks for reading this!!

What factors should be considered when you begin to to teach a child to read?

Some of the factors to be considered in beginning reading are how ready the child is to start and whether or not the child understands the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. Most children are ready to begin reading by age five or six, though some are better served by waiting another year before they begin.

At what age should a child start to learn about dental care?

A child should start to learn about dental care around the age that the child can learn to brush their teeth, which is in their third or fourth year. Use disclosing tablets, which color unbrushed plaque, to show them areas they might be missing.

What age should a child have there first kiss?

what age should a child have there first kiss

What is the max age a child should start walking independently?

They should definitely be able to start walking by themselves by the age of one and a half or two-with falling only maybe once or twice. And by the age of three, they really should be able to walk and run fine.

What age do toddlers learn to walk?

There is no exact age for a child to start walking. The average range would be from 10 months until 18 months. However, that doesn't mean you should worry. Your child will start to walk when he is ready.

Should teens date at the age of 14?

The age of 14 is to young to date. They are still young and should be playing with toys. I would not let my child start a relationship at such a young age. And, its illegal.

Which age can start to take albendazole tablet?

no as such age but should be given to child greater than two years best is to consult your doctor

At what age should I start my child on guitar lessons?

Any young age is good, but six years is probably the earliest you'd want.

What age should your child start walking alone to school?

about 11 or 12 depending on size if your child is small maybe 12 or if he/she is tall 11

What is child labor and when did it start?

when a child under the age of 15 is working

How old is a child when they can name colors?

They should start learning them at about the age of 2. Otherwise as soon as they turn 3.

How old do you have to be to start reading comics?

You do not have to be a certain age at all. People start reading at various ages for any number of reasons. Personally, I started at age 13, but there are some people who don't start reading comics until well into adulthood. There are also some who have been reading comics since they learned how to read. It doesn't really matter WHEN you start, just THAT you start!

When can a child in Swaziland start school?

They start school at the age of seven.

What age does a child start school in Honduras?

Children start school at age 19. And finish at 23.

Should kids start driving at age ten?

no. they should start driving at age 2.

What is the youngest age a child can get braces?

You should definately start from 10-12. Below that with lead to more crooked teeth.