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An appropriate age to start giving a puppy a bath would be around 1 month but if needed you can give a puppy a bath earlier then that but be very careful not to get water in the ears or eyes.

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At what age do you give a puppy its first bath?

After it has weaned.

Is it ok to give a two week old puppy a bath?

Absolute not. At that age the mother should still be licking the puppy to keep it clean.

How early can you bathe a newborn puppy?

a puppy should have a bath approximately 8 weeks of age with puppyshampoo

What age can you give a kitten a bath?

You should never give a cat a bath at any age.

What age can you bath a puppy?

you can bath then once they are atleast 6months

What age should you give a kitten a bath?

Don't give it a bath! Cats wash themselves.

At what age should you give your puppies a bath?

at 3-6weeks

What is the earliest age that you can bathe a puppy?

If any one who reads this knows the answer please reanswer it because my puppy needs help and I dont know if I can give it a bath yet!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

At what age can a puppy get a bath?

your pupping can have its first bath at 4 to 5 months if it really needs one but if your puppy is a clean one, first bath could be taken at 5 to 6 months

What age should a puppy be getting their first bath?

Your puppy will be safer if you wait until it is ten weeks before giving a tub bath, especially if is a small breed. Your puppy won't have a well developed immune system until it is 12 weeks, so the closer to that age, the better. You can give it a sweet- smelling safe bath with men's shaving cream. The cheapest ones are the best, as they don't have so much oil and additives. I use Colgate. Lemon or mint is fine. Just rub the puppy down with the foam, and dry with a towel or washcloth. This also makes a nice touch-up bath, or cold-weather bath between groomings for older dogs.

What age should you start to feed your puppy?

You can start to feed the puppy when it is 3-4 weeks old you can give it canned puppy food or puppy kibble mixed with puppy formula and water in a blender

When can you give a bath to a french poodle?

Poodles should be bathed and groomed every four to six weeks and sooner if they get dirty. You can start bathing a puppy 6 weeks of age providing you keep it warm and dry it soon after.

What age do you give your puppy their first bath?

I would recommend giving your puppy a bath when its about 5-6 months old unless it imeditally needs one,id recomend filling the bath to about a inch above its paws and washing him or her with a soft cloth or sponge with dog shampoo (one with soap that's easy on the eyes just in case would be best) and rinsing him with the shower head. to make him or her calm you should give it treats or say "good boy/girl!" i hope this helps!

What age can a puppy take its first bath?

It is best to wait until your dog is at least 5 months old before giving them a bath.

What is the age you should buy a puppy?

A puppy should not be separated from its mother until it is 8 weeks old.

At what age should you get your dog fixed?

When its a puppy

At what age should you get your puppy spayed?

When the puppy is 6 months old is a good time.

When should you switch from puppy food to dog food?

When the puppy is about one year of age.

Can you give a 2 month old puppy benadryl?

No, defiantly not. You should never give an animal of any age human medicine unless it is approved by your vet.

At what age can you give puppies puppy milk?

You can give a puppy puppy milk as soon at its born, although it's better it give your pup mommys' milk the first week of brith it is ok to give your pup pups' milk.

How old before giveing a baby rabbits a bath?

you can give baby rabbits a dry bath, but I would give a rabbit a water bath at age 2, maybe 3.

How long before you give a puppy heartguard?

You can start giving Heartgard after your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age.

Can you give a 4 month old puppy pork chop bones?

No, you should never give a dog or puppy of any age a pork bone, because if they swallow it, obviously, this will be very harmful to them and the bone can splinter. The actual pork meat would be ok to give to them.

At what age to give a dog his first bath?

it should be at least old enough to eat dog food and after that you can whenever it gets dirty.

What does a puppy eat?

Once weaned at around 4-5 weeks of age, a puppy should be fed a puppy food diet. It has the extra nutrients a growing puppy needs. A puppy should receive a puppy food for it's first full year.