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In my opinion you should wait to heavily ride your horse until they're about 3 and 1/2 to 4 yrs old. It would be a good idea to start halter training at way less than a year and lead rope training at the same time or two weeks later to let them get used to the halter. At about 1-2 years old you should start to entroduce the bridle to the horse and lead them around for a while and lead them get the feel of the bit. You should then introduce a bareback pad with a soft girth to your horse, and maybe sew some sturrups to it. then lead your horse with the bridle and the bareback pad on. get the horse used to steering by "ground steering". at about 3 you should introduce the saddle and after a couple of months add an experienced light rider to train the horse to listen to a rider's commands. If you are interested in dressage you can begin the riding. If you are interested in something like horseraceing then you should start training at about 3 and 1/2 yrs. If you are jumping then you can add very small jumps at three and work your way up and by four your horse can be ready for any heavy riding. Warning: If you start to train your horse and ride him heavily at too much of an early stage it can develop joint problems and damage the soft bones. I've seen many racehorses break down in the races because of it. Including Horse Jumping. If you train your horse too soon and start heavily riding it you CAN KILL YOUR HORSE! I hope this helps you!
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What age can you ride a horse up to?

The age at which a horse should be retired really depends on the horse - when the horse has arthritis or sore joints, is no longer fit, or does not enjoy rides any more, or if the horse's wind is touched and it puffs and pants after a short or slow ride, it might be time for it to stop being worked, ( Full Answer )

Should you wear a helmet when you ride a horse?

you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding. you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding. you should ALWAYS wear a helmet and body protector when you are riding. well i would disagree, i have never worn a helmet and have never been really hurt ( Full Answer )

What age do you stop riding a horse?

Not knowing if you mean the age of the horse or the riders age.Both will be answered here. A rider can ride until physicallyunable to do so, there is no age limit. As long as a horse ishealthy and physically able to bare weight, it can be ridden. . Well, you don't really have to stop at a certain a ( Full Answer )

Why can't you ride a horse at to young of an age?

Because they are still growing, it can ruin their back and legs. In fact, it can pretty much destroy them. Because they are still growing, it can ruin their back and legs. In fact, it can pretty much destroy them. The issue is in the joints. If you start to train a horse too young the joints ( Full Answer )

What horse is standard Age 11 for horse riding?

All are, as long as they're healthy. Most horses are at their prime for riding between the ages of 6 and 12. By that time they are well trained and good at their job(s). They can live to be over 30 years old, sometimes older. Most can be ridden their whole life as long as the horse doesn't have any ( Full Answer )

What age is best to start horse riding?

You can start when a child is about the age of 8, however the child may start earlier if it has almost no fear of falling off a horse, but I still think 8 is the best.

Ages to wear helmet when riding a horse?

Legally it depends on what state you are in (similarly to bike helmets or seat belts), most often if you are under 18 it is required by law. It is also dependent on the organization that insures the property, different insurance companies have different helmet requirements. Also if you are at an equ ( Full Answer )

Why should you groom a horse before riding?

because they need to 1. get the dirt and dust off of them so the pad doesn't rub them raw on their backs and 2. because they need to be groomed period because they need to be rubbed down once in a wile. :)

If your horse throws a shoe when out riding what should you do?

If you are out on a trail, dismount and make sure your horse isn't hurt or bleeding.... If he/she is, clean the wound(s) and if needed, bandage if necessary then, you walk your horse home, or to where he/she is currently stabled. DO NOT GO FAST OR RIDE! When you get back to your stable, call your fa ( Full Answer )

Age of horse for riding?

It really depends on the rider and trainer, you shouldn't ride a horse till the age of at lest 2 1/2 to 3 depending on the horse. If the rider is inexperience then they should get more riding done before they try to ride a green broke horse, and they trainer should know if the rider is experienced e ( Full Answer )

Should you streach before horse riding?

Before I ride I try to stretch out my legs and my back. I like to be loose when I ride and be relaxed. Once I get on the horse and am walking it around then I do BIG arm swings and ankle rolls. Also, use a loose reign to let the horse open up with you!!!

Why should you ride horses?

Good exercise for you and the horse It's a sport, it's fun If you ride in competitions you get money and ribbons, and recognition as a good horse trainer/rider There are therapeutic riding programs, which help disabled people, same idea as a companion dog or service dog, it helps their balance so th ( Full Answer )

What is the legal age for a child to ride a horse?

Any age, just wear a riding helmet and PROPER boots, and preferably have an adult present. Asking when you can ride a horse is like asking 'when can i sit on a space hopper?' what ever age you want, just take care!

What discipline should you ride for horses?

That question does not make any sense. Are you asking the old "Which is better, western or english?" or are you trying to decide which discpline interests you, or is good for your horse? More details, please.

When you have finished riding your horse on a HOT day what should you do after the ride?

After you are done working/riding your horse you need to cool them out(walk them around) till their heart rate and breathing return to normal. Then if it is a hot day, take them to the wash rack and start by slowly hosing of their back legs and slowly make ur way up the horses body. Make sure that y ( Full Answer )

How long should you ride you horse?

It depends on the horse. If you have an old horse, you shouldn't ride him/her all day. I have an 18 year old quarter horse, but he can gallop for a while. He starts sweating fast though, so when I noticed he's sweating, I slow down. If I'm riding bareback, I take him down to the arena, take his brid ( Full Answer )

Should you trail ride your horse barefoot?

Second Answer: I am glad to hear you inquire about barefoot horses. It truly is the best way. A general rule as to whether your horse can ride on that trail barefoot is to ask yourself "Is this terrain rougher than the terrain my horse lives on at home?" If the answer is yes, that the ground is rou ( Full Answer )

Should you smoke while riding a horse?

Smoking while riding has been done by cowboys for a number of yearsso it is probably a matter of safety or preference. Smoking can be a serious fire hazard in certain instances andcontrolling a lit cigarette while riding could be difficult.

Who should ride the horse?

Anybody is able to ride a horse but that does not necessarily mean they should. Some people are too scared of riding to ride well without scaring the horse also and making it buck, bolt, rear or just not do as the rider wants them to. Rearing is dangerous as the horse can fall on top of you, an ( Full Answer )

Should you ride a horse with arthritus?

You still can but not as harshly as other horses. It really depends on how bad it is or where it is in the horse. Your vet can determine better how much or hard you can ride him/her better than me! Hope this helps!

Why should you start riding a horse at 8?

To gain experience! When you grow older, you can say you've already been in horse- back riding and you know the general feeling of riding on horse back. Plus, it's fun! You can also win trophies and go to competitions...have fun!

Did ladies in the middle ages ride horses?

Yes. Anyone who was wealthy enough could ride. However, anyone of high rank could not ride a horse to Canterbury. This led to noblemen, bishops, etc. riding mules or hinnies instead to get round the law (and no doubt they had a more comfortable ride anyway).

Should you dance or horse back ride?

Dance if it is just a careless, iffy thing. You have to have the commitment and love for horses. To me, by far Horse back ride, but i absolutely love horses to death!! That's just me. :D Good luck

Should you feed your horse straight after riding it?

In real life, feeding a horse directly after riding can result in colic. Since colic is a very serious disorder that can result in death, feeding right after riding is not recommended. Neither is giving too much water after riding.

If your horse looses a shoe when you are riding what should you do?

Dismount and go back. If you are trail riding, its always handy to carry an Easyboot; then you can put it on and continue riding. Make sure all nails, etc.. are out of the hoof. Save the shoe if you have it for the farrier. If you have a very tender-footed horse, and are on rocky terrain, you c ( Full Answer )

If your horse throws a horseshoe when you are riding what should you do?

You should first get off your horse and make sure they have no injuries as a result of the thrown shoe. Call your farrier if the shoe came out cleanly, and schedule a re-shoeing. If the shoe was not thrown cleanly, call your vet if excessive damage is present, and call your farrier. Either way- call ( Full Answer )

What age do you have to be to have a horse riding job?

You can be about 12or over to get an equestrian job. As long as you know what you are doing and you aren't scared by much horse behaviour. If it's groom work you are looking for then you need to know how to muck out, groom, how to handle horses etc. but if it's riding/ exercising horses you are look ( Full Answer )

Should boys horse ride?

yes boys should horse ride there is nuttin wrong wiv it but u may wanna wear won of thoose cricket protection things incase the horse gallops really hard and fast

What is the peak age for horse riding?

I'm not sure if you mean the age of the horse or rider. Horses hit their prime at about 7 years. People that are healthy can ride most of their lives.

What size horse should you be riding?

Well, the size of the horse depends on the size of you, or the person who is going to ride. If its a little kid, she/he should have a pony, which is under 15 hands(horses/ponies are measured by hands) and the little kids shouldn't be riding a horse because it might to strong for them to handle. If y ( Full Answer )

How rich should you be to do horse riding lessons?

No matter what your socioeconomic status, if you are going to ride and own a horse, in the beginning you should always have lessons, because you need to know the correct way to ride a horse so that you don't damage the horse by riding carelessly.

What age would you be to ride a 13hands horse?

It's not so much age as it is height and weight. I'm 5 foot tall and can ride a 13 hand horse but I'm light weight also. So long as the horse isn't carrying more than 20 % of it's own body weight and the riders legs sit in the correct place age won't matter.

Should you ride a horse in the rain?

no because your horse could possibly slip and injure either you or your horse. it can also rust metal tack and soften your leather tack. sometimes you can if it's a short distance. You should ask your instructor if you are educated enough to ride in the rain and if you have to ask him/her what to ( Full Answer )

What age can you ride a miniature horse?

True miniature horses hould never be ridden, their bones are too small and delicate to hold heavy weights. Miniatures can however pull nearly twice their own weight and are best used for pulling small light carts with one or two adults as passengers. If you want a small pony to ride, look for a trad ( Full Answer )

What age can you ride a horse and cart on the road?

Typically it is best to wait until you are about 13 or 14 years of age if you will be driving alone, however so long as there is an adult or more experienced driver or horse person with you, you should be able to drive a horse on the road or roadside at almost any age.

Should you ride your horse on a road barefoot?

The answer to this will vary. You can ride a horse on a road barefoot, provided the horses hooves are strong enough to handle it. If however the horse becomes sore or chips/wears down it's hooves too quickly you would do better to put boots or shoes on the horse for road riding.

What should you do if you get lost on a horse trail ride?

If you get lost you can simply ask the horse to move out on it's own and let it wander. Usually a horse will know when the rider is lost and will find its way back to the trailer or trail head. If you become separated from your horse use a cell phone (You should keep one on your body at all times. ( Full Answer )

Is riding a horse fun for all ages?

It most certainly can be, especially if you have a good, worthy anddependable mount between your knees that's been there and donethat. It can be a fun way to "connect" with a horse too, thoughmany feel that the best way to connect with a horse is by doing abit of ground-work first before climbing in ( Full Answer )