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Q: What age to get into London college of fashion?
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When was London College of Fashion created?

London College of Fashion was created in 1967.

How many schools are there in London?

London is a top fashion destination in the world. Highly ranking fashion schools in London include London College of Fashion, Goldsmiths, London, Saint Martinâ??s London, University of East London and Kensington and Chelsea College.

How hard is it to get in to London college of fashion?

quite hard

Which uni or college is good for studying fashion design in UK?

I believe Bournemouth is meant to be good and also London College of Fashion Winchester is highly regarded

What is the best fashion college in London called?

Central Saint Martins college of art and design.

Does the London College of Fashion BA Honors program in fashion design cost 11900 a year?

yes you are quite correct!

Where did gandhi go at age 17?

At the age of 17, Mahatma Gandhi went to London to study law at University College London.

How is the fashion in London different from the US fashion?

The fashion in London is more classic and unique while the fashion in the US follows many celebrities and stars who get their style from the catwalk. Also London fashion leans more to the Paris fashion.

What are good fashion schools in UK to go for fashion journalism or fashion merchandising-marketing?

London College of Fashion has a masters course in Fashion Journalism as well as other various fashion buying, merchandising & marketing degrees. I think eco fashion is a new trend now and will be popular.

About how much does it cost to go to a fashion college in London if you live in the US?

With tuition and flight about $60,000.00 Tuition is about $58,400.00 and the flight is about $1,600.00

What date is London fall fashion week 2009?

What dates are London Fashion Week 2009?

Date of London fashion week?

The date of London Fashion Week for 2011 is from the 16th to the 20th of September.