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I believe Bournemouth is meant to be good and also London College of Fashion

Winchester is highly regarded

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The best fashion colleges in the UK are Northumbria University, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion, Westminster University, and many more.

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Q: Which uni or college is good for studying fashion design in UK?
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What would you have to do to become a fashion designer?

Studying fashion design would probably be a good start.

Is art center college of design good at fashion?

they dont have fashion major.

What is a good college for fashion design?

i guess the best college for a designer is heald college

How do I know which schools are good for fashion design?

You can find out which schools are good for fashion design by reading about the schools on the College Board's website. You can go to ��_ Home ��_ Find a College.

What type of study in fashion design is available in Lovely Professional University?

One of my friend is studying in lpu in fashion design and it is good university and provide good education dear. also he is getting scholarship there.

What qualifications would you need for a Fashion Designer?

Well I would say a desire to design and a eye for creativity and trends for sure but also attending a fashion college will go a LONG way and I'm sure a lot of fashion design jobs require that you have a degree from a fashion college. If you're researching fashion colleges, look into FIDM. I have friends who graduated from that school and they really loved it and told me that FIDM has a very well known fashion design program and that a lot of famous fashion designers graduated from that school. Good luck!

Is the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising a good school to attend?

FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA is a great fashion college to go to if you're looking for a career in fashion! The school has a great reputation in the fashion industry and I've heard that many famous fashion designers went to FIDM, including Monique Lhuiller and one of the founders of Juicy Couture! The school also has an awesome career center that helps students find internships and even jobs in the fashion industry--both while in school and even after graduating. They also have many other great programs including: graphic design, interior design and other majors in the entertainment industry as well. I would talk to an advisor to find out more info about the school and see which program is a better fit for you. FIDM's website is: Good Luck!

What pays more Graphic design or fashion design?

it depends how good you are/how famous you get.

Why is fashion design a good job?

It all depends on how good you are at the job...

What are the top ten fashion colleges in the US?

I don't know of ten but I know the number one college for fashion in America is The New York Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT) and Parsons The New School For Design. Otis College, The School Of The Art Insitute Of Chicago, Pratt and RISD are also good as well.

Do you need a college degree to be a fashion design?

You mostly do, but there are also very talented designers who are famous even though they don't have a degree. It can be good, but it isn't a must have.

What are some good fashion design programs?

There are many fashion design schools in the United States. Among the top rated are Parsons, The School for Design, and Fashion Institute of Technology. Both are based in New York.