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Why is fashion design a good job?


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It all depends on how good you are at the job...


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basically any fashion program. Some may include ; Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Management, and Product design.

Yes fashion design is in a safe enviroment but may cause a lot of stress

If one is interested in being a fashion designer, a design school such as the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising does placement for their graduates. Other options for a job in the fashion industry may be found on the websites Daily Fashion Jobs and Style Careers.

normally a fashion designer's job is to design clothing, accessories, etc.

It's there job, so they can have fun.

There are many magazines that are good for fashion design. Style, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue are good for women's fashion. Best Life, Details, Men's Health, GQ and Maxim are good for men's fashion.

it depends how good you are/how famous you get.

Fashion communication is used in fashion design. By new innovations in design we can communicate in fashion.

A fashion designer. fashion design software

There are many fashion design schools in the United States. Among the top rated are Parsons, The School for Design, and Fashion Institute of Technology. Both are based in New York.

You can find out which schools are good for fashion design by reading about the schools on the College Board's website. You can go to ��_ Home ��_ Find a College.

Studying fashion design would probably be a good start.

Yes fashion is a pretty good occupation. You can make a nice living and if you are really big in fashion then you can improve even more. is a wonderful place where you can download a fashion designing software

Maxine Westerman has written: 'Elementary fashion design and trade sketching' -- subject(s): Costume design, Dressmaking, Fashion design, Fashion drawing, Pattern design 'Intermediate fashion design and water color illustration' -- subject(s): Fashion design, Fashion drawing

One can't really find a fashion design career, but if one studies hard, makes good contacts and has a flair for design, then there's a good chance that it's attainable. There are quite a few schools that teach fashion design, and most have an apprenticeship program which will introduce students to the field.

a fashion deigners job is that they design by numbers they make thousands of dollars for one likeable design they work for 21 hours but it is worth a long wait. B)

In terms of the best college for fashion design, I would say FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA is a great fashion college. My friends graduated from FIDM and they rave about the school and their fashion programs. FIDM is actually known for their fashion design program all around the world. A lot of famous fashion designers graudated from FIDM which is pretty cool and says a lot about their fashion design program. Check out their websiteif you want more information:) Good luck! Or the F.I.T. (Fashion Institutes of Technoligy)

effect of fine art on fashion design effect of fine art on fashion design

One of my friend is studying in lpu in fashion design and it is good university and provide good education dear. also he is getting scholarship there.

You win Fashion Design when people vote for your design that you made.

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