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yes she did she went to radcliffe collage in 1898 when she was 18

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Helen Keller was 20 years old when she entered Radcliffe College in 1900.

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Q: What age was Helen Keller when she went to college?
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Who was blind from the age of three?

Helen Keller lost her eyesight at the age of three. Helen Keller was both deaf and blind. She became the first person with her disabilities to graduate from college.

What age was Helen Keller when she went to school?

She was eleven years old, she went to Perkins Institution for the Blind

When did Helen Keller get blind and def?

Helen Keller became both blind and deaf at the age of 19 months following an illness that doctors believe was scarlet fever or meningitis.

Who is the friend that helped Helen Keller go to college?

Helen Keller's companion was Anne Sullivan. They were friends for 49 years starting at the age of six while Anne was 20 years of age.

When did Helen attend Cambridge school for young ladies?

Helen attended the Cambridge School for Young Ladies from 1836 to 1838.

Did Helen Keller complete her autobiography before she graduated from college?

Yes, Helen Keller completed writing her autobiography "The Story of My Life" at age 22, which was before she graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904. The book was published in 1903.

What age did Helen Keller die at?

Helen Keller died at age 87, a few days short of her 88th birthday. In the year of 1968.

How old was Helen Keller at death?

Helen Keller died on June 1, 1968 at the age of 87.

What southern state was Helen Keller killed in?

Helen Keller was not killed! She died peacefully in her sleep at age 87

At what age did Helen Keller talk?

she was 10

What was Helen Keller's age when she died?

Helen Keller was 87 years old when she passed away on June 1, 1968.

How old was Helen Keller when she graduate?

Helen Keller graduated Radcliffe College in 1904 at the estimated age of 24.She graduated with B.A degree or a Bachelor Arts degree and the title of the first deaf-blind person to graduate collage.