What airlines fly between Toronto and London England?


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Zoom Airlines from Gatwick and Stansted

British Airways and Air Canada from Heathrow

Air Transat from Gatwick

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London, England is 5 hours ahead of Toronto, Canada. So, if it was 3:00pm in Toronto, it would be 8:00pm in London.

Distance from Toronto to London is 5728 kilometers or 3559 miles

Distance from Toronto to London is 5728 kilometers or 3559 miles

It takes approximately 8 hours from London England to Toronto

A flight from Toronto to London England would take about 8 hours.

Many airlines fly between London in England and Dublin in Ireland. You can book on their websites.

The distance between Toronto and London, England is 3559 miles (5728 km).

In land area, Toronto is larger than London, England, but London has a larger population.

United, British Airways, American Airlines, Air France, KLM to name a few

The City of Toronto, in Ontario, is larger than London, Ontario, but smaller than London, England.

American and United, British Airways and British Midland International.

There are about 120 miles between Toronto Ontario and London Ontario.

The average flight time between London England and Taiwan is approximately 12 hours and 20 minutes. This time is lengthened due to layovers and change of flights that airlines schedule.

What is the distance between London,ON and Toronto, ON?

The distance is roughly 3,500 miles.3548 miles or 5710.56 Kms

The population of Toronto is around 2.6 million and the population of London is about 7.7 million.

If you left London, England at 3 PM, you would arrive in Toronto, Ontario at approximately 10:37 PM London time. The time in Toronto would be 5:37 PM.

Toronto, ON (YTO) to London (LON) Shortest Flight Duration 7 hours 4 mins

A flight from Toronto, Canada, to Heathrow Airport in London, England would take 6 hours and 45 minutes. The distance between the two cities is 5,700 km.

The distance between Yorkshire England and London England is roughly about 150 miles.

The estimated flight time when traveling from London England to Toronto Canada is 7 hours and 37 minutes on a commercial airplane. The approximate distance between these two locations is 3,561 miles.

No. England is a country; Birmingham and London are cities. Birmingham and London are both in England.

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