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Raptor (bird of prey)

Robin (light aircraft)

I cant think of any more off the top of my head but there has to be loads more.

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Q: What airplanes are named after birds?
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What do birds and airplanes have the same?

Birds and airplanes both have wings.

What are airplanes like in air?

They are like giant birds flying in the air.

What are fairy flies predators?

hawks airplanes and some kind of birds

What kind of birds jump out of airplanes?

Parrot Troopers!

Why did humans model airplanes after the flight of birds?

What other example would they follow?

Were airplanes invented to prove that air travel was better than train or sea?

Airplanes were invented because people wanted to fly like birds.

Why do they use chromium on airplanes?

Because it is lighter and stronger and blinds the birds when they see the reflection.

What is another name for the first airplanes?

Another name for the first airplanes is The Wright Flyers. So named after its inventors, the Wright brothers. Before the Wright brothers invented their engine propelled aircrafts they were named gliders.

What are some real life applications using bernoulli's principle?

Airplanes, Helicopters, Kites, Birds

How are birds different from airplanes?

birds are not made out of metal they have feathers and they don't take people from country to country! like seriously if you came here you are dom!

Why do lady birds have the name lady birds?

because someone named them it.

Can people ever fly like birds?

No. We can fly with airplanes and helicopters, but not under the power of our own bodies.