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It uses a 7.2V NI-CD 400 mAh battery. If anyone knows how long to charge it, please say so. I have this airsoft gun too.

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your batteries need more food!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?

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Q: What airsoft battery goes to the well D-94 airsoft gun?
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What are free rider 2 codes?

TOTALLLY AWESUM DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD -18 1i 18 1i,11 1h 1u 1h 30 1i 48 1i 5e 1i 6r 1j 8f 1l 9r 1p ba 1t cq 22 ec 28 g0 2e hl 2n jc 32 l3 3i ms 45 om 51 qg 63 sb 79 tn 87 v3 99 10f ad 11s bk 137 cs 14j e6 15v fh 17a gu 18k ib 19v jq 1b9 la 1cj mq 1du oa 1f9 pp 1gl r6 1i1 si 1je ts 1ks v5 1ma 10d 1no 11h 1p7 12k 1ql 13k 1s3 14i 1ti 15e 1v0 167 20e 16v 21t 17m 23r 18i 25p 199 27n 19r 29m 1a8 2bk 1aj,2bk 1aj 2di 1ar 2fh 1b1 2hf 1b7 2je 1ba 2lc 1ba 2nb 1b8 2p9 1b5 2r8 1b0 2t6 1ao 2v5 1ae 313 1a2 332 19m 350 198 36t 18o 38r 187 3ap 17m 3cm 174 3ej 16h 3gh 15s 3ie 156 3kb 14e 3m8 13k 3o5 12o 3q2 11q 3rv 10p 3td 100 3ur v6 408 ub 41m tg 434 sk 44h rp 45u qt 47b q0 48o p2 4a5 o3 4bi n4 4cu m4 4eb l3 4fn k2 4h3 j0 4ie hs 4jp go 4l4 fi 4mf eb 4np d3 4p4 br 4qe ah 4rn 96 4t0 7q 4u9 6e,4u9 6e 4vi 51 50p 3j 520 25 535 m 549 -q 55c -2a 56d -3s 57d -5f 58d -74 59b -8q 5aa -ag 5b7 -c7 5c5 -du 5d2 -FM 5dv -hf 5eq -j8 5fl -l3 5ge -mu 5h7 -oq 5hv -qm 5in -sj 5je -uh 5k4 -10g 5kp -12g 5le -14g 5m3 -16g 5mn -18h 5nc -1ai 5o0 -1cj 5ol -1ek 5pa -1gl,lm 3v 42c tf,9dv -97t 9d6 -97l 9ce -97c 9bk -971 9aq -96g 99t -95u 992 -959 987 -94g 97g -93p 96q -92l 96b -91k 95s -90j 95f -8vl 954 -8ut 94o -8u0,94l -8tt 94l -8t4 94i -8s5 94j -8qu 94l -8pi 94r -8o5 95a -8mu 966 -8lu 97f -8l4 98m -8kj 9a4 -8k4 9bl -8jo 9d9 -8je 9f6 -8j5 9h9 -8iv 9jc -8it 9lg -8j3 9nf -8jg 9p7 -8k0 9qq -8kl 9s9 -8lj 9ti -8mk 9uo -8nr 9vq -8p8 a0n -8qk a1h -8s7 a29 -8tr a2t -8va,9dn -97r 9eb -985 9f6 -98i 9g0 -993 9gs -99n 9hn -9ad 9il -9b5 9jj -9bv 9kk -9ct 9ln -9ds 9n3 -9f3 9oe -9gc 9pr -9hs 9r8 -9jf 9sa -9kn 9tc -9lv 9ud -9n8 9vd -9oi a0d -9ps a1c -9r7 a2c -9si a3a -9tt a49 -9v9,a4a -9va a3n -9vr a35 -a0d a2n -a18 a2e -a24 a28 -a32 a26 -a41 a28 -a4r a2h -a5m a30 -a6h a3k -a7g a49 -a8i a54 -a9p a5v -aao a70 -abf a8c -abv a9p -ac6 ab1 -ac3 ac5 -abn ad6 -ab6 ae4 -aai aeu -a9o afj -a8s ag9 -a7q agn -a6o ah4 -a5h ahe -a4c,a2s -8v9 a3s -90a a4p -91d a5i -92q a6h -94f a7o -96b a8l -97s a9j -99g aam -9b3 abm -9ch acq -9e6 adp -9fl aek -9gv afb -9i4 ag3 -9je agm -9ki ah6 -9lg ahl -9md ai2 -9n7 aie -9nt aio -9oi,ail -9oh aiu -9nv ajn -9nk akl -9nf alk -9nb amp -9n7 ao2 -9n0 api -9mq ar1 -9mo as9 -9n1 at9 -9ni au6 -9oc aup -9pg av1 -9qh av5 -9rn av1 -9sv aul -9u1 au6 -9v1 ate -a03 asi -a10 arf -a1p aq7 -a2f aor -a33 anj -a3h am8 -a3u aku -a4a ajm -a4j ai5 -a4t agl -a53,965 -91a 96v -90j 97t -8vn 98o -8ut 99q -8tv 9b1 -8st 9c5 -8s0 9dd -8r0 9el -8pu 9g1 -8or 9hj -8nr 9j9 -8mv 9l0 -8m6 9mo -8lh 9oh -8kv 9qb -8kf,96s -8lk 97j -8m6 988 -8mu 98r -8no,8is -8vm 700 -78c,8ip -8vp 9p0 -9gs,a9k -99r 9vn -7vl,9vn -7vg 8bc -6cn,8r5 -8cb 8qe -8cg 8pi -8ci 8op -8cd 8nt -8bu 8n9 -8ba 8mr -8ah 8mh -89n 8m6 -88u 8lk -88b 8ks -880,8kh -87i 8k0 -87v 8kj -88b 8l7 -88d 8kp -880 8k5 -87s 8jk -87j 8jo -888 8k9 -88k 8kr -88b,8js -88m 8ke -87d,8kq -88a 8iv -884,8nu -8jn 8l6 -8ik,8n6 -8jn 8mf -8jh 8ln -8j6 8l0 -8iq 8kg -8i4 8k8 -8h9 8jv -8gg 8j2 -8fv 8hv -8fr 8gv -8fr 8fv -8fr 8f1 -8fp 8e6 -8fl 8ef -8g5 8f3 -8g3 8fk -8fv 8et -8g1 8fh -8fn 8et -8fo 8fi -8fo 8g9 -8fo 8gu -8fn 8ga -8fi 8fp -8fb 8f2 -8f6 8ec -8f5 8eb -8fq 8er -8fs,95b -85o 94n -867 93v -86d 933 -867 92c -85g 927 -84g 91v -83j 91c -82t 90f -82e 8vd -824 8ub -821##O 8uf -81u,O 8uf -820,O 8uc -81u,O 8u2 -81f,O 8u2 -81c,O 8u2 -810,O 8u7 -817,O 8u7 -81a,O 8u7 -81h,O 8u0 -81h,O 8u0 -81h,O 8tr -81h,O 8tm -81a,O 8th -815,O 8st -817,O 8st -81m,O 8sv -81p,O 8tt -823,O 8tj -82a,O 8th -82a,O 8sv -828,O 8sv -81r,O 8tc -81k,O 8te -81m,O 8th -820,O 8tr -825,O 8tr -820,O 8u2 -81p,O 8ua -81p,O 8ua -81r,O 8ua -820,O 8uk -823,O 8g3 -8fj,O 8fr -8gf,O 8fh -8gf,O 8et -8gc,O 8fp -8g2,O 8ec -8ft,O 8e2 -8fe,O 8er -8f7,O 8fm -8f4,O 8g8 -8f9,O 8fm -8f7,O 8f0 -8fc,O 8fh -8fh,O 8fk -8fj,O 8fp -8fm,O 8g3 -8fe,O 8f7 -8f7,O 8em -8et,O 8ec -8fe,O 8er -8fj,O 8fc -8fo,O 8fc -8fj,O 8ee -8fj,O 8ee -8fo,O 8e9 -8g2,O 8et -8g0,O 8ka -87u,O 8jh -87u,O 8jr -87i,O 8k7 -87k,O 8kk -87k,O 8kp -88g,O 8jm -88d,O 8k5 -881,O 8jh -87u,O 8k7 -886,O 8kp -87p,O 8jt -87s,O 8k7 -883,O 8kr -87p,O 8jt -87n,O 8k2 -87s,O 8kc -88d,G 816 -6cr 2c,G 7s3 -6h0 1s,G 7ng -6nf 29,G 7eg -6na 1p,G 72i -6rc 22,G 788 -6mj m,G 7eg -6os 17,G 7ga -6mc 1p,G 7n6 -6h2 1i,B 868 -6ch b,B 83r -6c7 22,B 81i -6eb 1j,B 80d -6cr 1d,B 80s -6hm 1e,B 7qm -6j8 1e,B 7nb -6lo 1f,B 7m3 -6pl 1k,B 7gk -6oi 15,B 7c5 -6su 23,B 72d -70m 1t,B 6ve -738 28,B 70o -71a 1i,B 74j -6u6 1c,B 7b7 -6s7 o,B 7c5 -6qq 1p,B 7gm -6n5 2,B 7jv -6m7 1l,B 7m8 -6iu 1i,B 7qc -6gt 19,B 40c se 2j,B 3ut se 2q,B 3t2 sh 2n,B 3rk rq 3s,B 3pr rq 2q,B 3od qo 3s,B 3mk qc 3c,B 3kr qc 2q,B 3jc q1 3c,B 3hj pa 3g,B 3g5 pa 2q,B 3ec OJ 3l,B 3cj o8 2q,B 3b1 od 2h,B 39f nc 47,B 386 ma 3o,B 36c mb 2k,B 34j mc 2p,B 333 MD 2q,B 317 ko 45,B 2vk kl 2q,B 2tl kp 2k,B 2rq ke 38,B 2qc k3 38,B 2os k9 2h,B 2mq IQ 46,B 2le h8 4d,B 2jk h4 2q,B 2hv hl 22,B 2ga g5 47,B 2er g4 2u,B 2df fr 33,B 2c1 fq 2q,B 2aj fp 2s,B 294 fc 33,B 277 f2 33,B 25m ek 3b,B 245 ea 32,B 22c dq 3b,B 20u de 33,B 1vh d6 33,B 1ts cp 37,B 1s2 c9 39,B 1qj c2 30,B 1oq c2 2q,B 1n3 at 3s,B 1ll af 3c,B 1jp a7 2r,B 1i6 9s 35,B 1gd 9g 32,B 1ev 9c 2s,B 1dk 8o 3g,B 1cb 84 3l,B 1al 81 2s,B 15l 6n 3i,B 13k 5r 3l,B 114 53 3c,B 137 72 39,B 10s 69 3k,B v3 4h 46,B uo 4h 8m,B s1 5f 3e,B PC 3o 3o,G 3af l3 7n,G 3fu mg 7p,G 3jc mn 7i,G 40t s1 5u,G 3t7 q5 4e,G 3om pf 53,G 3j5 or 53,G 3er n1 4l,G 395 m1 4s,G 36g la 66,G 311 l3 5r,G 2tt kc 61,G 2qh j9 60,G 2nl io 6s,G 2mi il 6k,G 2l5 hd 6o,G 2ej fu 6f,G 2i3 h3 83,G 2gp gk 6r,G 2bk g3 71,G 28s ej 72,G 29t er 73,G 2cn fp 6r,G 2bc ee 6k,G 26f eh 6h,G 252 do 6f,G 23i dv 6r,G 21f cv 6o,G 1v9 cv 6d,G 1jk 9m 6p,G 1nc ba 79,G 1pn a7 6u,G 1pn bu 6l,G 1tk bs 6v,G 1sp CD 71,G 1m2 ak 62,G 1lo 9c 6h,G 1i2 9m 47,G 1dh 8t 6j,G 1bv 7n 6i,G 19a 7l 64,G 17o 6k 64,G 17j 6k 6f,G 15b 6d 5n,G 148 52 68,G vk 3v 6a,G 5na -1dv 2h,G 5ja -1c5 2m,G 5hf -18s 2g,G 5l2 -152 18,G 5hm -133 2c,G 5jk -v4 1l,G 5ge -tb 2k,G 5en -qv 34,G 5e6 -n2 2j,G 5cp -jd 21,G 59f -if 38,G 55q -hh 31,G 512 -g2 36,G 4ur -cc 2o,G 4ta -8i 3g,G 4q8 -5l 3k,G 4ph -b 3i,G 4of 1o 3b,G 4ls 6p 49,G 4o9 2m 4h,G 4qa -14 4l,G 4v0 -1b 46,G 4sr -69 46,G 4v8 -7h 4a,G 52j -7r 3h,G 52k -7a 3d,G 55b -37 2r,G 522 -16 37,G 50j 1t 32,G 50l 2f 3o,G 4u8 3d 3m,G 4vi 4j 3j,G 501 56 3q,G 4st 62 3i,G 4t2 7m 3r,G 4rj 8n 3k,G 4q8 9e 3l,G 4om a2 41,G 4nr bp 4c,G 4lv cc 4a,G 4ka e1 43,G 4k7 ed 4b,G 4ka gh 4k,G 4ic fl 3u,G 4gv g2 4b,G 4e4 j3 3t,G 4eh hh 4t,G 4fa h5 4o,G 47j lr 46,G 49e m7 4b,G 4ah la 4q,G 4a5 j9 4i,G 4b1 ji 4e,G 4ar hn 3d,G 481 kc 2l,G 47d lp 43,G 432 n8 3m,G 40i qc 36,G 3u1 su 34,G 3nq 103 2s,G 3l7 139 3r,G 3h8 13b 3s,G 3e8 14j 3h,G 3cp 15u 3u,G 399 16f 3c,G 36k 16i 4e,G 35q 174 4f,G 336 17b 4d,G 2vt 17l 47,G 2sp 18r 55,G 2pu 18g 5f,G 2m1 18o 4m,G 2i5 181 5r,G 2ep 173 63,G 29f 16v 5g,G 23t 15s 44,G 1vd 12v 65,G 1r5 10d 69,G 1mu td 6h,G 1l5 qa 6u,G 1h8 MD 6q,G 1eg kt 69,G 1e7 hh 6s,G 1ak du 70,G 19t eg 7f,G 170 ch 75,G 12n 9t 7d,G 11m 91 6u,G v2 6m 6u,G ta 5o 7d,G r0 3s 78,G pl 2r 79,G l1 35 5j,G hc 1t 6h,G eq 1e 6b,G d7 19 55,G 96 m 4k,B 5pb -1hc i,B 5og -1fu r,B 5o7 -1ep b8,B 5o7 -1db b8,B 5nt -1bk e,B 5nk -1a6 b8,B 5n2 -18o e,B 5mg -171 b,B 5lb -15j 15,B 5kf -146 r,B 5k6 -131 i,B 5k6 -11j b8,B 5jt -10e i,B 5jk -v0 e,B 5jb -ti b8,B 5if -s5 r,B 5ht -r0 r,B 5h1 -pi r,B 5gf -o4 i,B 5fs -ml q,B 5f1 -l7 15,B 5ef -k3 12,B 5ds -il e,B 5da -hg 12,B 5c5 -et l,B 5ba -df r,B 5an -c2 r,B 5a5 -ak r,B 599 -9f 15,B 57r -81 1d,B 579 -6s i,B 564 -4a u,B 54m -2s 1d,B 538 -1e 1d,B 52m 0 e,B 52m 1e b8,B 524 2j r,B 50p 41 1a,B 4vb 5f 1d,B 4u6 6k 1d,B 4t1 7p 1d,B 4rj 97 1d,B 4qf ab 1d,B 4p1 bp 1d,B 4ns cu 1d,B 4me ec 1d,B 4l9 fi 1c,B 4js gv 1d,B 4ie hi 24,B 4h9 in 1d,B 4fr k4 1d,B 4ed li 1d,B 4d8 ls 2c,B 4bq m5 2c,B 4ad NJ 1d,B 48v o5 2c,B 47h on 1o,B 45q q5 1j,B 44l qo 1v,B 43g ra 1o,B 41p t1 1d,B 40k u6 1d,B 3vg v1 1o,B 3u2 vt 1o,B 3sk 10f 1o,B 3rf 112 28,B 3q1 11k 1v,B 3ot 11t 2c,B 3nf 12p 1l,B 3m1 13b 2c,B 3ks 146 1l,B 3jn 15b 1d,B 3ij 15b 2q,B 3h5 15k 2c,B 3fn 16g 1v,B 3e9 16g 2q,B 3cr 16p 2c,B 3bm 17l 1l,B 3a8 17l 2q,B 392 17j 2t,B 386 18e 1d,B 36m 199 2g,B 35h 199 2q,B 340 19g 2o,B 32v 19k 2k,B 31p 19t 2a,B 30j 1a3 2d,B 2v7 1a7 2q,B 2u2 1a1 3b,B 2sk 1ag 1o,B 2rc 1an 2e,B 2qa 1ar 2q,B 2ov 1at 2l,B 2nq 1at 2q,B 2ml 1au 2o,B 2l5 1b0 2n,B 2k0 1b0 2q,B 2ir 1ar 31,B 2hi 1ag 3c,B 2g4 1ac 2t,B 2ek 1ab 2q,B 2dd 1a8 2u,B 2c5 1a7 2s,B 2ar 1a1 34,B 297 19s 2q,B 281 19p 2u,B 26m 191 3l,B 25s 18d 41,B 24e 180 2m,B 22t 17n 34,B 21r 17l 2v,B 1vm 16e 46,B 1up 15q 3t,B 1tf 154 3n,B 1s8 149 3q,B 1qk 13a 41,B 1pf 12e 41,B 1np 11b 3t,B 1mk 107 46,B 1l6 uv 45,B 1kb u8 42,B 1iv st 47,B 1hp rp 47,B 1gp qh 4f,B 1fq PC 4c,B 1f2 o9 4g,B 1e2 mr 4h,B 1co ld 48,B 1bs k7 4i,B 1a6 ig 47,B 199 hl 46,B 17r g7 47,B 16d ep 47,B 150 db 47,B 13r c6 47,B 12m b1 47,B 118 9k 47,B vq 86 47,B um 72 46,B t8 5l 46,B rr 4i 43,B qm 49 38,B pb 3v 39,B o6 38 42,B mo 32 30,B la 2r 35,B k5 2m 31,B ij 2i 2u,B gs 1v 38,B fh 1l 31,B e3 1d 34,B cg 1a 2q,B av 17 2u,B 9q 12 33,B 8b r 32,B 6k r 2q