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its the album by Selena Gomez the album is called round and round

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Q: What album has the song round round?
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Related questions

What oasis album is the song Round Are Way?

Round Are Way was a promotional single only, and was never issued on an album.

Does Aerosmith sing the song 'Round and Round'?

Yes. Aerosmith released this song on their 1975 album Toys in the Attic. It is track three on side two.

What album has the song round and round on?

Her new CD A Year Without Rain coming out in September 2010

Who sings this song your love is like a merry go round round and round?

motley crue. its off of their album too fast for love its called "merry go round"

What is name of the old right round song?

The original is "You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive in 1985 on their album Youthquake.

What CD is the song round and round on?

It may be off of her next album coming out called "A Year Without Rain" but for now it is just a single.

When did Flo Rida release the video of Right Round?

Flo Rida released the video for his song "Right Round" on January 25, 2009. It goes along with the song that is from his album R.O.O.T.S., also from 2009.

Who sings the 1980s hit 'You Spin Me Right Round?

'You Spin Me Round [Like A Record]' is a song by Dead or Alive and is on their 1985 album Youthquake.

When will right round by Flo Rida come out on CD?

I'm not sure. If you have iTunes, the song Right Round was released on February 10th, and the song Shone was released February 24th. They haven't released the whole album yet.

Is Selena Gomez going to have a CD album called round and round?

round and round is on the album called a year without rain

Is the round and round album out yet?


Who sing the original you spin my head round baby right round that flo rida uses in his song?

Dead or Alive .Fronted by Pete Burns in the mid 80's The song is off of the Earthquake album and was titled "you spin me around (like a record)

Who sings the 1980s hit 'You Spin Me Right Round'?

You spin me right round (like a record baby).... This was a catchy song from the strange band called Dead or Alive and off the album Youthquake.

How do you call a single song on an album?

an album track? a song?

Is Drake's Headlines a song or album?

The song "Headlines" by Drake is a SONG. NOT an ALBUM!The SONG is on the ALBUM.

When was Round Trip - Sadao Watanabe album - created?

Round Trip - Sadao Watanabe album - was created in 1974.

When was Round Midnight - Time-Life album - created?

Round Midnight - Time-Life album - was created in 2008.

What album is the song Honey Pie on by The Beatles?

That song is on the White Album.

What album is seduction song by Beyonce on?

"Seduction Song" is on the album "B'Day".

Is its not me its you a song or just the name of lily allen's album?

its an album and a song

What are some songs The Sword sang?

The Watersons sang the Earsdon Sword Dance Song on their 1965 album, Frost and Fire. This song was also included on the Topic CD sampler, The Season Round.

Who sings the 80's song with the lyrics round and round?

Ratt sings the song Round and Round

What album is right round in by Marilyn Manson?

It wasn't on an album.

From which album is the song dark side of the moon?

Dark Side of the Moon is also the albums title No, I think the song is from a different album. If the song is from the same album then what is the song called? Nowhere is the song named in the album.

What album was rodeo song on?

Rodeo (Garth Brooks song) is from the album "Ropin' the Wild". Rodeo (Juvenile song) is from the album "Reality Check".