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The song is called This Place Hotel and it is on the Jacksons Brothers Triumph album. This album includes the song Can you feel it. The song was called Heartbreak Hotel however it was renamed due to Elvis having a song of the same name. The album is from the year 1980.

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Elvis Presley sang Heartbreak Hotel. The song was released on January 27, 1956. Heartbreak Hotel was written by Mae Boren Axton in 1955.

Heartbreak Hotel - Whitney Houston song - was created in 1998-09.

Yes. 808's & Heartbreak was the album.

Heartbreak Hotel Hotel California Old Lang Syne

Tommy Durden and Mae Axton

Heartbreak Hotel (Whitney Houston song)

Key information regarding the song "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley can be found on Wikipedia, which has a page about the song. SongFacts also has information relating to the song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

Heartbreak Hotel and All shock Up.

"Heartbreak Hotel" is a song that was performed by Whitney Houston. You can find more information about it on the Lyrics Wikia website as well as on the normal Wikipedia website.

It was a song from the Thriller album in 1982.

The song is on The Jacksons debut self titled release in 1976

i search this song too ! I downloaded the album of the film and the song is not on the CD... i search this song too ! I downloaded the album of the film and the song is not on the CD...

1955, heartbreak hotel backed by blue suede shoes

His first RCA single was "Heartbreak Hotel" released in January 1956

Heartbreak Hotel was the number one song on the charts for eight weeks in 1956.

Michael Jackson's Good Times was a song on an album released by The Jacksons in 1976.

in 1979 when the album Off The Wall came out

Be more specific.Which was written first? not sure,though Heartbreak Hotel was the 1st single elvis recorded for RCA w/ Blue Suede Shoes following shortly after in 1955-56

The first song Michael Jackson was credited for writing was "Blues Away" off of the 1976 album The Jacksons.

The opening song in the movie Heartbreak Ridge (with Clint Eastwood) is "Sea of Heartbreak" by Don Gibson.

Heartbreak Station - song - was created in 1991.

Elvis never wrote a song by himself that he recorded, but he is credited as co-writing several songs. The earliest of these was "Heartbreak Hotel."

They don't. It's called humanoid. And the song automatic is part of the album.

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