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Q: What alcohol level is lethal?
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What is lethal blood alcohol level?

2.8 blood alcohol level in a female

Is a blood alcohol level of 94 lethal?


Can a blood alcohol level of 0.330 kill a Female who is 140 lbs?

That is a potentially lethal BAC.

What Spirits are lethal?

Any alcohol is lethal in large amounts.

Is 82mg of liquor lethal?

82 milligrams is not the right unit name for alcohol. Also, if you meant 82 milliliters, it depends on its concentration level and the tolerance level for alcohol of the person's drinking it.

Is it lethal to take overdose of sedatives with whiskey?

It can be lethal to take an overdose of sedatives with or without alcohol.

What is the most lethal commonly abused drug?


Do they really swab the place of a lethal injection with alcohol?


How much of blood alcohol content can be lethal?

Starting at .30%, you could die from alcohol poisoning.

Is 1.92 a lethal blood alcohol level?

Not yet,but you are too close for comfort. Unlikely to kill you but it will have caused some permanent brain damage, do that a few times and you have problems. A level of 1.92 could easily be lethal if you drive,get into a fight or take part in other high risk behavior.

What is the lethal dose of alcohol?

0.4% w/v in your blood is the lethal does of alcohol.A liter of hard liquor, such as spirits or vodka.

What is a lethal dose of alcohol?

What constitutes a minimum lethal dose of methanol depends on a number of factors. However, if alcohol poisoning is ever suspected, medical help should be obtained immediately.

Can you put lethal in a sentence?

The lethal word can be put into sentence as such. The bite of a snake is lethal and fatal.

Is alcohol a poisonous drug?

Yes, because at higher levels it can be poisonous and lethal to the human body. Every year, people die from alcohol poisoning. Example: Binge drinking at college parties. If the alcohol level in the blood exceeds the lethal limit, the person dies. Taken in smaller amounts, the alcohol can be broken down by the liver with no harmful effects. Repeated excessive drinking often causes serious health problems including liver failure.

What is the lethal level of co2 in blood?

Higher than 50

What to do in alcohol overdose?

In case of suspected alcohol overdose or toxicity, go to the nearest emergency room. This is a very serious and lethal condition.

What is the pH level of rubbing alcohol?

the pH level of isopropyl alcohol is 5.5

What is the hightes alcohol level in liqued alcohol?

An alcohol solution above about 95% alcohol exposed to air will self-dillute down to that level.

What is different from drinking alcohol and rubbing alcohol?

The "drinking" alcohol is ethanol (ethyl alcohol), while rubbing alcohol is usually isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol).

Can medications increase blood alcohol level?

Can zolpidem elevate blood alcohol level

Blood Alcohol Level BAL is the ratio between the alcohol consumed and the blood in the body?

No. It is the level or percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream.

What does 3mmol alcohol level convert to as blood alcohol number?

3 mmol alcohol level is equivalent to 0,018 % (volume).

Can keppra affect your Blood Alcohol level?

No. Blood alcohol level is a measure of how much alcohol is in solution in the blood. It is possible to affect the rate of absorption, but not the level that is reached.

What is your bac level?

The BAC (blood alcohol concentration) level refers to the proportion of alcohol in the blood.

Alcohol level in Bud Ice?

5.5% Alcohol By Volume.