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Riding and motorcycle and jumping off a cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What all did Bella do to hear Edwards voice?
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When is the first time Bella hears Edward's voice in her head?

Bella first hears Edwards voice when she and Jessica went to see a movie together and were heading home and there were guys standing on the other side of the road. Bella walked up to them because they reminded her of the night when she was almost attacked by men and Edward saved her. As she got closer, his voice was telling her to stop and be safe. He's not really saying it, though, it's all in her head.

What did Bella do in order to hear Edward's voice?

She first thought she is hallucinating and then she thought that it's because of an adrenaline rush. But after all, it always happened whenever she puts her self in danger.

Does Edwards family get mad at Edward for getting Bella pregnant?

Yes at first, then they are all happy about it.

What is Bella and Edwards daughter power?

Renesme's power is to share her thoughts and memories with aybody she touches. It is sort of the opposite of both her parents' powers. Edward can hear others' thoughts but his daughter can share hers. Bella blocks all access to her mind but her daughter let's everybody in.

In twilght what all did Bella look up to find out Edwards secret and why?

watch the movie! i can not name ALL of them! basically i forgot

Does Edwards family like Bella?

Everyone except Rosalie does. In Breaking Dawn Rosalie starts to like Bella more.

Who hates Bella in Edwards family?

Rosalie does not like Bella all that much. Carslile created Rosalie for Edward. And Rosalie does not like that Bella wants to give up being human for being a vampire.

What is Bella's gift in Breaking Dawn?

She has the gift of being able to MENTALLY shield anyone of her choosing. If Jacob didn't want to hear what the rest of his pack had to say he would get Bella to shield either all of them or just him and he wouldn't have to hear all the complaining. Edward can't read Bella's mind but... she pushes her shield OUT of her and Edward could hear her.

In Breaking dawn Where was Bella And Edwards Wedding at?

They had their wedding outside the Cullen house. Of course,Alice put it all together!

Will the Cullens die?

no in breaking dawn they bring all the vampire clans together to save bella and edwards daughter from the volturi but nobody dies...bella gets a power so does her daughter

How do you hear God's voice?

You hear him in your heartIf you are trying to hear God's voice and want to know his will but just cannot seem to hear Him. You could try picking up the Bible and reading it, what He said to others is written down for all to see. It may help.

Does Edwards family come back to forks?

yes when Bella saves Edward all the family comes back and Caralie gets his job.

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