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4 Lug to 5 LugYou will just need the 5 lug rotors, and 5 lug Wheel hub's. They are both easy and pretty cheap to get from A) a junk yard if your lucky, B) your local Nissan dealership C) through a website that sells them.
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Model of an engine in a 1993 240sx?

engine model of the 1993 Nissan 240sx is the ka24de in the USA. in japan it is the sr20det.

Will a 91-93 240sx bumper fit on an 89 240sx?

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

Will 1991 Nissan 240sx coilovers fit in a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Yes they will, both are the s13 model and virtually everything on s13s is interchangeable.

Will a 1991 Nissan 240sx modiffied sr20det engine harness fit in a 1989 Nissan 240sx?

yes any model of 240sx will be able to fit a sr20det as long as the harness is spliced to the old one of the stock ka. yes any model of 240sx will be able to fit a sr20det as long as the harness is spliced to the old one of the stock ka.

What is the difference between an LE and an SE on a 93 240sx?

1993 240SX - Base model. (hard top) 1993 240SX LE (Limited Edition) - Alloy wheels (moonroof) 1993 240SX SE (Special Edition) - In coupe it comes with sunroof (not moonroof), Alloy wheels, Leather interior. Some 240sx has other special features like the rare HICAS (rear wheel steering), or Convertible. So far, I never saw a 5-speed convertible...

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What is the definition 240sx?

240sx refers to the motor size and model type. the Nissan 240 has a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine. it is the US version of the Japanese Silvia witch has 2.0 liter turbo motor also known as a sr20 det

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What bulbs does a 240sx use?

1989 240SX don't use bulbs... Least you can't just change the bulbs.. You need to go buy yourself the whole housing which they sell for less than $20 at autopart stores. For newer 240SX 1995 and up, its 9005. There's 2. Low beam and High Beam. you need 2 for each side, so 4 total. <hr> Actually if your 240sx was owned by someone else and put in a non sealed-beam headlight the bulb it would take is an H4 bulb. The type of headlights a 1989-1994 240sx has a 6054 model and there are places like to replace the sealed-beam. ~rin5

Changing 1997 Nissan truck engines to a 1991 model will it fit?


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How do you remove a drive shaft on a 240sx?

Im working in my 1993 240sx with this, its hard for me because maybe Im not using the correct tools, there are 6 (19mm BOLTS) to unscrew (in93 model). also used an impact tool and nothing moved my friend, but I will continue, hope to give you some good news! thanks, from Puerto Rico.

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