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The two main sources of genetic variation are gene shuffling and mutations. A mutation is a process wherein the structure of a gene is altered.

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Bacterial plasmids.

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Q: What also contributes to genetic variation?
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What contributes to genetic variation?

The patterns of nitrogenous bases in DNA encoded on the genes creates genetic variation.

How does meiosis aid in evolution?

contributes to genetic variation.

Which processes contributes directly to genetic variation?

DNA Replication

What increases genetic variations?

A large population increases genetics variation. Mutation will also increase genetics variation.

What is One consequence of genetic drift is?

Loss of genetic variation(:Novanet:)

What factors contributes to genetic variation between humans?

the genes that code for RNA and proteins...............

How does meiosis create variation?

Meiosis creates genetic variation through the production of 4 haploid daughter cells, each with random genetic combinations. Meiosis also creates genetic variation through the process called crossing over, where chromosome segments are exchanged.

What is a source of genetic variation in organisms?

Human recombination is a significant source of genetic variation.

Relate genetic variation and mutations to each other?

mutations cause genetic variation, and vice-versa. If there is a genetic variation (or lack of one), then this can effect the severity of the mutation.

Which of these is necessary for natural selection to occur genetic engeneering genetic variation asexual reproduction or enviormental stability?

Genetic variation

Why is crossing over so important?

It increases genetic variation in organisms

Why genetic variation is a benefit to a population?

Genetic variation allows a population to adapt to a changing environment.