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Force causes a change in motion (although in some circumstances, you may not be able to observe the change). The types of change are: motion can speed up, it can slow down, or it can change direction.

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What always causes a change in motion of the object?

An applied force will change the motion of an object. Such as a thrust, or an impact.

Kind of force that causes a change in motion?

Applied force causes a change in motion. The change of motion can be from stationary to motion or a change of speed or acceleration.

What causes change in matter?

energy causes motion wich causes change in the matter

What is a balend forece that causes change is motion?

A balanced force will NOT cause a change in motion.

What causes a moving object to change direction?

Forces cause motion or the change in motion.

What causes an object to change motion?

an aplied force will change the motion of an object.Such as a thrust ,or an impact

What causes a change in the motion of an object?

One must apply an acceleration to change the state of motion of a mass

What causes an object in motion to stay in motion?

Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion.

Does a force always change an objects motion?

it usually does, but if the force is balanced, it will not change the object's motion

What forces causes no change in an object motion?

Balanced forces that net to zero cause no change in an object motion.

Must an object always have the same motion?

No, of course not! We ourselves we change our motion!

What is the different between motion and acceleration?

Motion is about speed of location change, acceleration is about speed change.

What causes an object to change speed of the direction of motion?

A force acting on the body, along its line of motion.

What do Unbalanced forces always cause?

it will cause a change in motion

Is it accurate to say that force causes motion or that force causes changes?

Force causes acceleration. Acceleration is a change of speed or direction of motion.No force is necessary to maintain constant speed in a straight line. So you'd haveto say that force causes changes in motion.

Do objects in motion always change position and may change direction?

Objects in motion continuously change position.To change direction, a force needs to act upon them.

What is a force that causes an object to change its motion?

I think this question is not phrased very well. Any force can change objects velocity (speed+direction). If fact that is the definition of the force - F=ma any force, by definition itself, can change objects velocity. Maybe you meant what force can change objects direction of motion? In that case - any force that has a different direction (not the same as direction of motion) Any force can change an object's motion.

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