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There were many different calibers for the 700. Look at your barrel it should be stamped on it.


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Remmington ammunition can be found at most sporting goods and outdoor supply stores. BassPro shops carries this item as does Remmington's own site. Lucky Gunner is another ammunitions store.

Remington makes a variety of rifles and shotguns using various sizes of ammunition.

The Remington 700 comes chambered in a wide variety of calibers, 29 to be exact. They range from the .17 Rem to the .458 WM, and everything in between. 24" 22" 26"

The Remington 700 and its ammo is likely sold at where other guns are sold. For online stores, you can try Guns International, Gun Broker, or Buds Gun Shop.

There is no answer to this question, or rather there are many answers. The Rem 700 is the model number of a Remington bollt action rifle. This model was chambered for many different calibers ie. .243, .270, .30-06etc.

It's a warning to the user that the only compatible ammunition for that rifle is the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (22 WMRF), and other types of .22 ammunition are NOT compatible.

No, Charles Remmington was a completely fictional character. Patterson more or less hunted the lions on his own

The plural of ammunition is ammunition.

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Browning did not make ammunition. They branded ammunition made for them.

The types of ammunition that can be bouoght at CCI Ammunition has no limits because they list thousands of sellers that provide every type of ammunition to the consumer for their convenience.

Federal Ammunition sells rifle, handgun, shot sell, and rimfire ammunition. Federal Ammunition is a known website which is being used by thousands of people. They sell ammunition to people in the United States of America.

Remington. Although they do brand some made by others.

Ammunition owned by an individual

They made ammunition in most popular calibers.

The cyclic rate of fire of the M4A1 carbine is 700-950 rounds per minute. The exact number will vary depending on what ammunition is used.

Use Winchester or Remmington 7.62X39 ammunition only. I have heard that the Federal 7.62X39 works well also. Any others may have problems with "dimples" or may damage the firing pin. The Hammer spring in the Mini is not as strong as an AK-47. J. F. in Florida

No, propellent is not ammunition. Propellent in a case, with a primer below it and a bullet above it, is ammunition.

Its the weight of the ammunition

where and when the ammunition was manufactured.

The Ammunition Hunters was created in 1971.

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