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You need to mention the wattage of the fan to know the current.

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Q: What amps will fans consumes?
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Which consumes more power 480 volts or 240 volts?

Volts isn't power. Volts times amps is power, also known as watts. Thus 480 volts at 2 amps consumes 960 watts, which is the same power usage of 240 volts at 4 amps or 120 volts at 8 Amps.

How many watt does a tubelight use?

In general Tube Light consumes 0.2 amps in general by 40 Watts.

How much power a fan will consume?

The exact answer would vary depending on the fan, however the simple answer would be not much. All electrical appliances should come with a sticker or plate on them identifying different properties of the appliance. On that sticker look at the number for watts, that is how much power the fan consumes.

How much amount of current does a 14 watt cfl bulb consumes?

A 240 v 14 w cfl bulb uses about 0.14 amps.

What is difference between 2000W and 1500W and how to find out how much powerelectricity each consumes?

To find the power will depend on the voltage the item uses. Assuming a 120 volt circuit divide the wattage by the voltage, this gives the amps used. 2000w / 120v = 16.67 amps. 1500w/ 120v = 12.5 amps used.

A resistor consumes 1.0 amps when 120 volts is applied What is the value of the resistor?

V=IR (from Ohm's Law) So, R=V/I =120 ohms

How many 78 Amp fans can you run on 30 watts?

Assuming you mean 12 volts, then you cannot run any 78 Amp fans. Unless your fans run at 0.38 volts, there is no way to draw 78 amps from 30 watts.

What speaker wire for 300 watt amp?

There is no such thing as a watt amp. To determine wire size you need to know the current. Watts = Current x Voltage, so if you know the applied voltage to the load that consumes 300 watts you can get the answer. If we assume 120 volts as standard home voltage then current is 25 amps. If you had 240 volts it would be 12.5 amps. In general 14 AWG is 15 Amps 12 AWG is 20 Amps 10 AWG is 30 Amps

Your amp in your truck overheats when the bass is up?

amps require lots of breathing room, and some high watt/amp units have fans along with the normal ribbed heat sink cases...thats why amps have those dissipate heat.. :)

What consumes the millipede?

the spider consumes the millipede

How many kilowatts are being used in a 120 volt 100 watt light bulb pulling 1.07 amps?

If you believe the 100 watt spec then it consumes .1KW. If you believe the measured amount then .1284 KW.

How many watts of power an ultrasound machine consumes?

Look for the nameplate on the machine. There is will tell you the voltage and amperage that the machine needs to operate. Use this equation to find the wattage of the machine, Watts = Amps x Volts.