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Ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces can be found at several retailers especially craft store. Different ideas are a floral centerpiece using warm fall tones, a cornucopia arrangement, or just an old fashioned ceramic turkey figurine.

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Approximately how many turkeys are eaten each year on Thanksgiving in the United States

Which southern US state was the first to adopt Thanksgiving in 1855

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Q: What and where are some good thanksgiving table decorations?
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What are the best table decorations for Thanksgiving?

There are many different ways to decorate your table for Thanksgiving. Some good ideas to use are festive table cloths, napkins, candles, and Thanksgiving-themed centerpieces.

What are some non traditional ideas for table decorations for Thanksgiving?

Some ideas for Thanksgiving decorations include candles and fall flowers. You can get ideas at and

What are some good ideas for Thanksgiving decorations for the table that kids can make?

I always like the turkeys made from tracing there hands. Have the kids trace their hands on paper and then color them in as a Turkey.

What are some excellent items when purchasing Thanksgiving decorations?

When looking for amazing and impressive Thanksgiving decorations try Kohls and Macy's. You can get some ideas at

What are some unique ideas for Thanksgiving decorations?

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, and Thanksgiving is no exception. You can find some great ideas to start you off at,, and

What are some necessary Thanksgiving decorations for the table?

Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers are a great item for Thanksgiving decor and hornsaplenty are very commonly used. The must have part of Thanksgiving decor are the fall colors. Different oranges and browns are must have colors of Thanksgiving decor. You can get colorful napkins and napkin holders and a pretty fall table cloth for your dinner that will make Thanksgiving a festive occasion.

Are there any Halloween decorations that I can also use for Thanksgiving?

Halloween and Thanksgiving are often interchangeable. Some of the more generic decorations include the horn-of-plenty, pumpkins and gourds and turkeys.

Where can one find turkey decorations?

Most of your local department stores during the specific season you are in will carry decorations of that season. For example if it is Thanksgiving, you will find Turkey decorations. On the internet you can find some good websites that supply all types of decorations. A site like Party city dot com has a good selection.

What are some nouns for Thanksgiving?

Some nouns for Thanksgiving are:home,living room,turkey,stuffing,cranberries,candles,decorations,Uncle,Aunt,sister,family

What are some good decorations for an aquarium?

There are a variety of good decorations for an aquarium. Some good decorations are ornaments such as a sandstone Rock, seahorse ornaments, a sunken ship ornament or a castle ornament.

What are some ideas for thanksgiving decorations?

You can decorate with turkeys, gourdes/squash, dried fall leaves. Fall colors for table linens, and candle center pieces. Pilgrims and Indian displays are always fun too.

Where can I find some Thanksgiving decorations ideas?

if you want decorating tips for thanksgiving, and any other holiday for that matter, one of the best magazines to turn to is the home and family magazine subscription.

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