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It might be a dog. Ask a someone to get a flashlight and see if it is stuck or trapped.

Look for where it might have gotten under the house and call it.If it goes on for more than a day or it sounds hurt call the local SPCA or animal control.

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How do you get a skunk out from under your house?

Call the animal control.

How do you get landlord rid a dead animal under house?

He has to call a professional.

What is causing the bad odor in your house that smells like a dead animal?

perhaps a rodent is under your house that has died

What are the local animal control listed under in the phonebook?

There are stray dogs around my house. I need to find the local animal control. What would they be listed under in the phonebook?

How Did Eskimos use animal fat to heat there house?

they use fat under the animal's skin.

What is meaning of finding a dead bird directly under my truck in front of my house?

There is no meaning other than a cat or animal probably dragged it there. The bird could have also died of natural causes.

Can you hatch a duck egg under a house lamp?

yes but i would crack the egg unless there is no animal in it

Is there a law on barking dogs in California?

Falls under the local ordnance category of "Disturbing the Peace."

Is there a law about barking dogs?

Laws are not made specifically about barking dogs, but cities or other local jurisdictions usually do have laws or regulations about noise that may disturb people's sleep, and barking dogs can fall under that category. In general, your neighbors do not have an unlimited right to disturb your sleep.

What is posidens favorite under water animal?

This could not be specified, but my guess would be the Seahorse based on the fact that his animal is the horse. Hope that helps you.

Where could water running from a drain pipe leading from under a house be coming from?


Why does your Infiniti navigation system make a barking sound?

If you have pre-set addresses in your nav system, you might have accidentally selected a sound to be associated with a specific location. For example, your home icon might be associated with a dog barking (as it is a choice). Everytime you get within so many yards of your house, the nav. system recognizes this and barks. It can be fixed under Settings.

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Not to most people, but it could fall under cruelty depending on how you are teasing it.

Why is your cat hiding under blanket?

A cat is a playful animal and could be hiding under a blanket for fun. Cats are also animals known to have high anxiety so hiding could be a sign of fear.

What happens if you put fire under a turtle?

I come to your house and beat you up because that's animal cruelty and it's wrong.

Why is it important to avoid a species dying out?

If an animal dies out it could mess up its food chain, which could lead to over populations and under populations.

What do you call a animal that lives under ground?

An animal that lives underground ( an under grounder )

What category is Animal Crossing under in WikiAnswers?

It is under Animal crossing (and depending on what version, you can put it under the the system). and you can also put it under the title (like: Animal Crossing Wild World).

Is leaving a dog in the car alone illegal?

Under certain conditions, it could lead to animal cruelty charges.

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Usually when the cat is very old. Putting an animal that is very old under anesthesia could cause the animal to not wake up after surgery.

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Yes. They also have a tree-top house for birds!

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the farmers pretected themselfes by going in a under ground house they just let their animals stay out if their small they could probly fit them in the under ground house

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