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Lions are at the top of the food chain. So no other animal would consistently prey on a lion. Only when the lion dies does scavengers eat them. Some scavengers include vultures and hyenas. Otherwise when lions are alive those same scavengers would be on the lions menu!
A pack of hyenas will fight the lion, but nobody eats the lion.

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What animals does a lion eat?

a lion eats any animal that eats grass or plants

Which animal eats the most?

A lion

What animal eats a eagle?


What animal eats a Hawaiian duck?


What animal eats a other animals?

a lion

How does a lion fit into the food chain?

A lion eats just about any animal

Was is an animal that eats antelope and zebras?

A lion :0

What kind of animal eats an African lion?


What desert animal eats a coyote?

Mountain lion

What animal eats pigs and mice?

a lion, cheetah, any large animal

What is an animal that eats other animals to eat?

A carnivorus animal. For an example, a lion.

What animal eats a man?

Tiger crokodil shake lion

How does a lion do nutrition?

The lion is a carnivourous animal. It fed up on the flesh of other animals.Usually, it eats herbivourous animals , such as deer .Lion is very courageous animal . :)

What animal eats a human?

Carnivious animals such as a lion, bear, & tiger

An animal which kills and eats other animals?

That would be a carnivore

What type of an animal is a lion?

Carnivorous(which means it eats meat of others)

What animal eats zebra duikers?

Pumas, mountain lion and cougars

What animal eats a lot of food?

Name an animal that eats a lot of food. Elephant Pig Dog Lion Bear Tiger Alligator Crocodile

What is a caranovre?

a carnivore is a flesh eating animal or a animal that eats meat ex: lion, shark, etc

What is an animal that eats animals that eats plants?

A lion eats a zebra, a zebra eats grass A shark eats fish that eats kelp People eat a cow a cow eats grass

What animal eats an African buffalo?

Any top preditor can like a lion

What kind of animal eats raptors?

a lion may eat and kill a raptor

What is an animal that eats plant-eating animals?

A carnivore is an animal that eats other animals. A lion (carnivore) eating a zebra (herbivore) is one example.

What animal eats a mountain lion?

A mountain lion is at the top of the food chain but humans might eat a mountain lion. If a mountain lion dies, it will be eaten by scavengers.

Is there any animal that eats the red panda or is it at the top of the food chain?

a lion can eat them.