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Plankton is a sea organism, not a land organism. So nothing because plankton don't live on land.

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Why are plankton called the foundation of life?

an animal eats the plankton, another animal eats that animal, another animal eats that animal, and so on

What eats a rabbit in the tundra biome?

Fox and hawk. No snakes in the tundra.

What are quarternary consumers of the tundra?

a quarternary consumer is an animal at the top of the trophic pyramid such as a polar bear from the tundra biome it hunts and eats animals from the trophic levels below

Does plankton eat other plankton?

Yes, zooplankton (animal plankton) eats phytoplankton (plant plankton).

What eats a human in the tundra biome?

Old age or a polar bear

What great barrier reef animal eats zoo plankton?

I think a whale eats plankton, doesn't it? Is that the question?

What animal eats the blue ringed octopus?

plankton x

What animal eats plankton?

Grey Whales and whale sharks

What other animal eats fish and plankton?

I think a whale does

What animal eats Pine trees in the tundra?


What animal eats grass in the tundra-?

Pika are small animals that eat grass in the tundra.

What animal eats Arctic Hare in the Tundra?

arctic fox

What animal eats grass in the tundra?

Snowshoe Rabbits :D

What tundra animal eats lichens?

caribou and musk oxen

What tundra animal eats liverworts?

Arctic Mites & Flies

What eats a plankton?

Krill, Krill eats plankton .

Do cod eat plankton?

Cod are predators and eat smaller fish and other animal life in the ocean. They do not eat plankton. Generally, they eat what eats plankton.

What animal eats tussock grass?

Musk ox- in the tundra anyway.

What is a animal that eats the arctic willow and lives in the Tundra?

a arctic fox

What animal from tundra eats or uses sedges as house?

small animals

What eats plant plankton?

An organism that eats plant plankton is a cod

What eats plankton and fish?

A Minke Whale eats plankton and fish. It also eats krill.Anchovies do eat plankton as well as fish larvae.

What sea animal eats seaweed?

Crustaceans are known to eat seaweed. Therefore, there is more than one animal that eats it which includes crayfish, crabs, lobsters and plankton.

What eats lichens in the tundra?

The most common animal to eat lichens in the tundra is the caribou (reindeer) and its favorite lichen is reindeer moss

How do barnicles get food?

A barnicle eats zoo plankton! A barnicle eats zoo plankton!

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