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Many animals eat mandarin ducks. A few of them are otters, raccoons, minks and eagles. Snakes will also eat these ducks.


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as mostly known a human eats a duck >LOL<

It surprisingly enough eats Frogs.

for one thing, we do. but if you mean animal animal im pretty sure alligators do

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Mandarin ducks do not have a set price (nor do Mandarin Duck eggs), as many factors of a Mandarin duck (egg) need to be accounted for - such as it's health, and which company / breeder you buy it from.

The arctic fox and gray wolf preys on the harlequin duck so does the polar bear...

A Mandarin duck eats wild seeds and edible water plants but their meals change as the seasons change depending on availability. The meal includes small insects, snails and small fish. Female and male Mandarin ducks are symbols of everlasting love and marriage for many because these ducks are monogamists.

Hard to say! Maybe... the Mandarin Duck?

Domestic Duck- Ahiru Mallard Duck- Magamo Mandarin Duck- Oshidori Wild Duck- Kamo and duck hunting is kamouchi or kamoryu

Quite a lot of animals depend on the duck as a food source. Foxes, for example... Sometimes wolves, and just about any other carnivorous animal in a forest that lives near farms with livestock.

Yes, there is an animal called a duck.

I'd say about 25 centimetres

鸭 which sounds like Yā

a fourth order consumer is an animal that eats a third order consumer like a King Brown Snake is a fourth order consumer where is a Pacific Black Duck is a third order consumer. so this means the snake eats the duck

A duck eats and drinks through its bill.

an animal eats the plankton, another animal eats that animal, another animal eats that animal, and so on

An animal that eats plants is called a Herbivore. A carnivore is an animal that eats meat.

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China was the top duck market in 2004 for domesticated ducks. The most common duck in China would probably be the Mandarin duck.

Since feathers are indigestible, just about any animal that kills and eats a duck will leave feathers.

None. Every animal either eats plants, or eats another animal that eats plants, or eats another animal that eats another animal that eats plants.

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