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What animal has an exoskeleton?

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An arthropod is an animal that has an exoskeleton.

Specifically, an arthropod is recognizable by its external skeleton, jointed legs and segmented body. Examples include crustaceans and insects. The larger-sized external skeleton of mollusks tends to be called a shell.

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How does an animal with an exoskeleton grow?

An animal (insect) with an exoskeleton still grows under its exoskeleton like any other animal (insect). The exoskeleton is like a suit of armor, when the animal (insect) grows to big to fit inside its exoskeleton it sheds it, and a newer exoskeleton will grow to fit the animal (insect).

What is an exoskeleton animal?

An exoskeleton animal is an animal that has a skeleton that's outside the body.

Which animal have a exoskeleton and which animal have a endoskeleton?

I think an ant has a exoskeleton.

How does having a exoskeleton affect how an animal grows?

having an exoskeleton affect how an animal grows because the exoskeleton does not grow as the animal grows so the animal must shed or molt its exoskeleton.

What animal has an exoskeleton and what animal has an internal skeleton?

any mammal has an internal skeleton but bugs have an exoskeleton

What animal has a hydro-exoskeleton?

Jellyfish would be an example.

What is a disadvantage of a exoskeleton?

If an animal with an exoskeleton was to fall from a height, the exoskeleton would break as it has no fleshy protection.

What is inside the exoskeleton?

A exoskeleton is a skeleton that is on the outside of an animal (not showing tho).

Does the exoskeleton of arthropods grow larger as the insects do?

No, The animal sheds out of the exoskeleton.

Is cockroach an exoskeleton animal?

yes cockroach is an exoskeleton animal and the skeleton is made up of chitin and calcium carbonate

What is a exoskeleton?

An exoskeleton is a skeleton formed outside the body. Like the shell of an animal.

What type of animal is a exoskeleton?

What types of animal HAS an exoskeleton? Here are a few: (insects are animals.) *Beetle *Ant *Crab *Fly

Which animal has the hardest exoskeleton?


What is crustacenan?

Any animal with an exoskeleton

Is a turtle a exoskeleton?

No, a turtle is not an exoskeleton it's an animal or more specifically, a reptile.A turtle doesn't have an exoskeleton but a shell that is extended from its ribcage.

What is the difference between exoskeleton and indoskeleton?

If an animal is exoskeleton, it has a skeleton outside its body, like a crab. If an animal is indoskeleton, it has a normal skeleton, with a backbone.

What is a exoskelton?

An exoskeleton is a skull that is out side of a animal.

What type of animal has this carbohydrate in their exoskeleton?


What outer skeleton of an animal?

that would be a exoskeleton. A exoskeleton is an external skeleton that supports and protects an animal's body

What does the exoskeleton do for the insect?

It protects the animal and gives it support.

When an animal sheds it outer covering or exoskeleton?


Animal phylum whose members have an exoskeleton?


Am animal that has jointed legs and exoskeleton is an?

giant turd

How does an exoskeleton help an animal?

it keeps animals protected

What is molted exoskeleton?

The discarded outer covering of an animal.