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What animal has the smallest eyeball?


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First found the smallest animal and then you will know which animal is the smallest animal in the world.

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The colossal squid has the largest eyeball in the world known to man.

The smallest animal in the earth is an ant.

No, the seahorse is not the smallest animal in the sea. Infact, the smallest animal is called Zooplankton.

the secound smallest animal is the chipmunk.

The smallest animal is the Arctic wolf

the smallest flying animal is the bee hummingbird

The size of the smallest animal is the size of an infants fingernail...

what is the smallest animal in the Arctic Ocean

nucleus is the smallest part in the animal cell

The giant squid... The largest eyeball known is the colossal squid's eyes. (30 cm Diameter) Comparing to a whale the whale's eyeball size is 15 cm Diameter

They are not the smallest animal, but they are some of the smallest dogs. The teacup chihuahua is the smallest dog out there, but the regular chihuahua is not.

I think the smallest arctic animal is the arctic wolf

s the smallest animal in the amazon rainforest

baby snakes are the smallest animal in the world.

The animal that has the smallest tongue is called the planigale tenuirostris. The animal lives in the low shrub land.

The largest sea animal is the blue whale. The smallest animal is the Amoeba.

Well i dont know for sure but I think the smallest animal in Africa is the Python.

No. The smallest animal (mammal) on earth alive today is The Shrew.

The Pygmy shew is the smallest animal in Britain :) look at a picture they are so cute

The PPLO virus is the smallest cell.

smallest is zooplankton, little critters!

well not the Chihuahua technically isn't the smallest animal but it is the smallest dog out of the dog family.

The bee humming bird lays the smallest egg at half a gram, and the ostrich lays the biggest at 3.3lbs. The animal that lays the smallest eggs are insects but when referring to vertebrates the animal that lays the smallest egg is the hummingbird.

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