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ex: dogs, wolves, coyotes etc. practically every animal in the dog family

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White fox and Arctic fox (Snow fox, Polar Fox) are the names for the same animal. See related link for more information.

No, they aren't related.

a fox is related to the dog family

The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria.The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria.

The kingdom comprises all animals. Foxes form a genus called vulpes, whose other members include the kit fox and red fox. They are more distantly related to dogs.

The fox is in the animal kingdom.

Yes a fox is a sly animal

Dog, Wolf, Fox, anything related to these types of animal species are canines. Elephants are Uruas.

They are not in any way related.

Fox is a three letter animal. Fly also is a 3-lettered animal.

The animal that is known as a Reynard is a fox. There is also a book by the name of Reynard the Fox.

The animal that is reddy-orange is a fox. A fox is also very sly.

Your question is ambiguous. The fox is a member of the animal kingdom.

no, sorry. They are not. Related. together. they married.No no no sorry i thought you meant brian. no they are not related.

Wolf. All dogs are related to wolves, and that is no exception for the chihuahua. The chihuahua is NOT related to the fox!

There us no such animal as an "unfussy fox."

There is no such animal as a "panda fox."

No, the fennec fox is not endangered.

you get a pet fox if you are a member on animal jam the AJ people give it to you on your animal jam gram you welcome

No, it is not a domesticated animal.

I think you can be a non-member fox on animal jam but im not sure.

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