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What animal produces electricity?

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electric eel produces electric

to shock or kill its prey.

to protect itself

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What produces most of the worlds electricity?

The steam turbine produces most of the world's electricity.

Why does a lemon produces more electricity?

it produces electricity because of all the electrodes. from Chance Kessler

How does a dynamo produce electricity?

when it moves back and fort it produces electricity no when the MAGNET moves back and fort it produces electricity dumboe

What is animal electricity?

animal electricity is i dont know

What produces electricity?


How heat produces electricity?


What chemical change produces electricity?

it produces other chemicals

What is the meaning of thermal electricity?

thermal means coal.with coal it produces electricity. this electricity is thermal electricity.

Electricity produces work when the electrons in a conductor?

Electricity produces work when the electrons in a conductor

What type of liquid in a fruit produces electricity?

I think citrus acide produces electricity if I'm wrong do some research.

What is a Animal Produce?

It is what an animal produces

What animal produces the biggest pile of feces?

Elephants are an animal that produces large piles of feces. A hippopotamus is another animal that produces large piles of feces.

What produces electricity naturally?


What does coal do for the economy?

produces electricity

Why is hydropower good?

It produces electricity

What do you call electricity that nature produces?

Well, there is atmospheric electricity (aka lightning) and static electricity.

Does an electric heater do the opposite of a thermocouple?

In effect it does. Electricity applied to the heater produces heat. Heat applied to the thermocouple produces electricity.

What produces electricity by using a coil of wire and a magnet or steel which produces a magnetic field when electricity flows through the wire?

An electric generator.

What renewable energy produces electricity?

Every renewable energy source produces electricity. (Hydropower/Dams, Wind Power, Solar Power)

What are the sources of electricity and how are they produced?

Static , water dams produces and generates electricity

What is an animal that produces its own food?

There is no animal that produces its own food because animals are consumers.

What does electric currnt produce?

It produces electricity.

A battery produces electricity from?

acid inside

What is the part of the atom that produces electricity?


What produces electricity from wind?

Wind turbines.

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