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Well the first animals to be put in a zoo were antelopes, ibex, and Gazelles.

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What to do if an endangered animal eats endangered plants?

Take the plant, put it in your yard, take the animal, put it in a zoo.

How do you put on am animal show in zoo empire?

u dont

What was the first animal that came to the Richmond Zoo?

a lion

What do zoologist make for and wild animal that they put in the zoo?

waats up nigah

What does the word 'zoo' mean?

Zoo - means "animal" or "animal-like"

Were do you put zoo tycoon 2 animal downloads?

go to your progamme files, Microsoft games, zoo tycoon 2 ,and draw them into there

What is the tallest zoo animal?

The Giraffe is the tallest Zoo animal.

Is donkey a zoo animal?

A donkey can be a zoo animal, but it is also a farm and work animal.

Is there any animal they rhymes with zoo?

an animal that rhymes with zoo is cockatoo

First animal purchased for Lincoln park zoo how much did it cost?

the first animal was that was purchased was the bear for a grand total of 10$

What is a good name to call a zoo?

Anamalia Zoo Jungle Place Zoo Earths Life Animal center Deronimo Zoo Animal Place Discovery Zoo Wildlife Zoo

What was the first animal born in London Zoo?

Since it's opening in 1829 several thousand animals have been born and housed at London Zoo. There is no public record of the first animal every born there however.

What zoo animal starts with the letter v?

Vulture is an animal. It is an exhibit in the zoo.

Name the lowest animal in the zoo?

The people that put them there gets no more low down then that ...

What zoo animal starts with e?

Elephants are zoo animals. The emu is another zoo animal that starts with the letter e.

What was the first animal in Chester Zoo?

The first animals to arrive at Chester Zoo were a pair of American black bears in 1930, the zoo opened in in 1931. ..xxwelll its by hunaina aliseeyyaa,..xxguys

What is the most popular animal in the zoo?

seattle zoo

What do they do with the animals in the zoo?

If the zoo doesn't want an animal, they sell them to a different zoo

Does London zoo have any red pandas?

London zoo does have red pandas. The first live red panda was put in London zoo on May 22, 1869

Would you consider it more humane to have an animal go extinct or put it in a zoo?

I think it is more cruel to make a animal go extink because then you would not have that animal anymore.

Was Dublin zoo the first zoo?

The first public zoo was Vienna Zoo in Austria.

Can you buy an animal from a zoo?

Depends on the zoo, sometimes you can "adopt".

What happens after the animal leaves the zoo?

An animal, I believe, never leaves the zoo. They stay there until they die.

Name the worst animal to put in a petting zoo?

Tiger Lion Snake Piranha Porcupine Allligator Wolf

How do you get into the zoo in Build-a-Bearville?

You have to buy a zoo animal or be a vib member to get acess to the zoo