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There are many animals in Japan such as bears & fish and tortoises. One famous native animal is the Japanese macaque monkey.

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Q: What animals are in Japan?
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What are the native animals in japan what kind of animals are in japan?

You face

Animals in Japan?

The animals of Japan are: Koi, Racoon Dog, and the Red- crowned crane.

What are some animals of Japan?

For a detailed list of the animals of Japan, see the related link below.

What kind of animals does Japan have?

Japan has a lot of Jewish monkeys

What are common animals in Japan?

A common bird in Japan is the Bush Warbler

What are endangered animals of japan?


Are animals called Pokemon in Japan?


What has the author Davis Pratt written?

Davis Pratt has written: 'Magic animals of Japan' -- subject(s): Animals, Folklore, Tales 'Magic animals of Japan' -- subject(s): Tales, Animals, Folklore

Were the people of japan ready for the Kobe earthquake?

if you wanna know go to Japan! No. But the animals were.

What kinds of animals are in Japan?

they have cats, dogs, fish, ext in japan. by: Bryanna R.

What is a the animal of Japan?

The animals of Japan are: Koi, Racoon Dog, and the Red- crowned crane.

Are there dangerous animals in Japan?

Asian black bears and poisonous snakes are dangerous in japan.

Does Japan have animals?

lol yes of course they do

Are there any animals that start with o in Japan?

no there are not

What are the names of animals originaly from japan?


How does the climate of japan effect animals?

by farting

How do animals survive in Japan?

EaT humans

What animals are used as pets in japan?


What animals live only in Japan?

Pandas are native to China, but I don't think they live in you know animals if you do give me a list of them.Panda's are not native to Japan they are native to only China cause they like the climate they DO NOT live in Japan!The most common animals that live in Japan is Mamushi (small viper), Brown and Black Bears, and Wild Boars. I don't think there is any one animal that only lives in Japan.

What are the most common animals in japan?

a wet rat.

Interesting animals in Tokyo japan?

uh godzilla

What kind of animals can be found in Japan?

a panda bear

How have people and animals adapted to the climate in japan?

they have bed

What kind of animals live in japan?

Animals that live in Japan are the Japanese Doormouse, copper pheasent, Japanese macaque which is a small monkey, Japanese giant salamander, and primitive dragonfly.

What animals are raised in Japan?

The kind if animals that are raised in Japan varrie on what the question means. If you were to ask the question wondering what type of animals live in Japan then there would be a completely different ancwer if someone misunderstood and made a conclusion that you were asking what types of animals are raised out of habitat for food reasons in Japan. This question would have to be put in real detail for it to be properly ancwered in a useful or successful way. There are many ways to phrase this ancwer.