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What animals are in the cat family?


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lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, domestic cats. And lots more!
Leopards, lions, tigers, jaguars, bobcats, lynx, sand cats, ocelot, etc.


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Yes they are smart because they are from the cat family and cats are smart.So tigers and any animals that are from the cat family are smart.

Tiger, jaguar, cheetah, lion, and puma are soma animals in the cat family.

The wild animals from the cat family could be athemic.

A long list of animals of the cat family include the cat, a saber-tooth tiger, mountain lion, lion, tiger, bobcat, as well as others.

animals relationships are about the same as human family relationships

Lion, tiger, cheetah, lynx, leopard are some of the animals that belong to cats family.

Felidae or Felines. all cats from the domestic kitty to the Tiger are in this family The Genet is not a true cat, but is in a different family of cat-like animals.

Animals that belong to cat family are called as FELINE .Animal like Mountain lion,tiger,Leopard etc.

They are both mammals, and vertebrates! But they are two entirely different species of animal. Apart from the lion (a cat, who lives in a family related pride), and dogs who are pack animals, most other members of the cat family are solitary animals.

mostly the cat family are brave, and gorillas and zebras and lions.

There are many groups of animals. Here are a few: The cat family, The dog family, Sea creatures, Birds, Amphibians, and reptiles.

All cats belong to the Felidae family, thus they are known as felines.

The melanistic form of the leopard, commonly known as the black panther, is an example of a large black member of the cat family.

Yes, if within the same genus. For example, the Cat family- A Lynx and a domestic cat can freely cross. Also, a tiger and a lion- which can only occur in a zoo- as these animals do not naturally mix in the wild.

Jaguar Lion Panther Domestic Cat Cheetah Siberian Tiger Leopard Snow Leopard Saber-Toothed Cat

Felines are animals in the cat family, from lions and tigers to house cats.

Hyenas are not part of the cat family.Hyena are the animals of the family Hyaenidae of suborder feliforms of the Carnivora. It is the fourth smallest biological family in the Carnivora (consisting of four species), and one of the smallest in the mammalia.

Animals of the "big cat" family, such as lions and panthers, can. Your average domesticated moggie is not interested in eating humans.

The cat family which is scientifically classed as Felidae includes tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, cougars, cheetahs, lynxes, ocelots and the common house cats.

VERY SMART! cats are very smart animals and tigers are part of the cat family :)

Hyenas belong a family of animals known as Feliformia. It is obvious from the name that they are considered to be cat-like. In fact the family contains cats. It also contains mongooses, civets, and other animals

Mongoose are small carnivorous animals of the families Herpestidae and Eupleridae. This means they are not related to the feline family.

I think so is a yes.Every animals in the cat family like swim.

well bears,dinos,cheetas,all the cat family,and also a snakes

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