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Animals aren't really Yin, alot of animals can be described as yin, though. Yin is like the black side of the yin and yang symbol. Yin is sometimes described as very feminine, mysterious, dark, and negative. One animal that I can think of, that could be both yin and yang is a snake. A snake is quiet, mysterious, and clever, but it is also strong, and masculine. An animal that would definetly be yang is a monkey, because they are very noisy and wild.

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As the previous answer said, yin embodies the dark, moist, soft, inward, deep and receptive energy or traits, and related to animals, you could think of land and night insects, like worms, beetles or snails. Also deep sea creatures and seafood, crabs, oysters, octopi, sea worms... Herbivores and big, clunky animals or domestic ones, dark sea creatures or earthly living beings tend to be the most yin (big dinosaurs, whales, elephants, pandas, owls, big armadillos, pigs, cows, etc.) Hope you can picture it for other ones :)

By the way, yang animals would have the opposite characteristics and traits I listes at the start, though there are many more detailed aspects... Good luck!

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