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i dont think any think can see in the dark but some like :owl, bat, cats and dogs.

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How does animals see in the dark?

Some animals can see in the dark with their big eyes.

How do animals see in the dark?

Some animals uses their big eyes to see better in the dark.

What do you call animals that can see in the dark?

nocturnal animals

Examples of animals that could see in the dark?

cats can see very good in the dark

Is it possible to see in the dark?

For animals, it is possible to see in the dark or they use echolation. For humansit's not possible

What animals can not see in the dark?

Humans for a start.

Which animals have sharp sight?

Nocturnal animals can see sharply in the dark.

Why can some animals see in the dark?

Some animals can see in the dark because their eyes have a special stuff which reflect even the smallest beam of light.

Animals who see in the dark?

owls,cats,dogs,bats,i think squirels-squirel!-can see in the dark.

What is it call when animals can see in the dark?

Night Vision .

What kind of animals see in the dark?

Owls, wolf, bat, cats and dogs. ___________________________ Like the first person wrote many animals have a greater ability to see in the dark, than man. Often we find animals with the greatest ability to see in the dark are animals with larger eyes, such as the owls; animals with smaller eyes are normally better at seeing in the day time.

Is it True that Cats can See in the Dark?

yes, cats eyes can in fact see in the dark due to the power of the animals eyes

Can animals hear and see things you can?

it depends which animal. Cats can see in the dark and we can't.

What are the differences between a humans eye and a nocturnal animals eye?

Humans cannot see in dark night but nocturnal animals can see.

Which animals can see well in the dark?

i dont think that any animals can fully see in the dark but some have improved night vision like catsOwls and cats have improved vision in the dark. Bats cannot see in the dark, they navigate using a biological sonar system....hence the phrase "as blind as a bat"!

What are some creatures that see very well in the dark?

Answer:Fish can also see in the dark, especially deep sea animals such as the Pelican Eel and Giant Squid and the cuttlefish. ------------------------------------------------many nocturnal animals see well in the dark such as cats (big & small cats), hyenas, owls etcpredators usually see better in the dark than herbivores.

What animals can't see in the dark?

monkeys, elephants, spiders, gorillas,

How is it possible for some animals to see in dark?

because they have big eyes so there able to see

Do possums eyes glow in the dark?

Yes, possum's eyes do glow in the dark and they are naucturnal and most animals that are naucturnal or can see in the dark have eyes that glow in the dark.

Can animals see in the night?

yh take the owl for example and bats , bats can ONLY see in the dark :)

Why do Nocturnal animals have large eyes and large pupils?

It is becausethey can see clearly in the dark...

How can hatchet fish see in the dark?

They are able to do what cats, dogs, and many other animals to, and that is they use even the most minute amount of light available and this enables them to see in the dark.

Why do rabbits get lost at night?

They get lost because they can't see. They aren't nocturnal animals so they can't see in the dark.

Does nocturnal also mean that you can see in the dark?

Nocturnal means when an animal is awake during the night while the Diurnal animals (awake during the day) are asleep. Yes, nocturnal animals do see in the dark because of their special pupils. Hope I helped! (:

What do you see in the dark?

Humans cannot see in the dark without special equipment. We do not have the special layer in our eyes to reflect light back onto our retinas that nocturnal animals have, so we need more light to see. We just see dark blobs and blurs when we try, or total darkness.

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