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they eat stems and leves

of grasses and other plants

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What animals eat the zebra?


What animals eat zebra?

lion and tiger

What animals do zebras eat?

None, they are herbivores.the zebra doesnt eat any animals its a hebovore

What animals eat a zebra?

Lions and hyenas and vultures

What kind of animals does a cheetah eat?

They eat gazel, zebra, and simetimes giraffe.

What do lions eat in the wild?

They eat all kind of animals mostly zebra or wildebeest

Are zebra fish omnivore?

Yes zebra fishes are omnivores because they eat both plants and animals Tip: remember omnivores are animals that eat meat and plants :D :D :D

What kind of animal zebra eat?

they don't eat animals they eat grass or leaves Zebras are herbivore's.

Do any animals eat the zebra if so who are they?

The Zebra and other grazers, such as the wildebeest are the main food prey of lions.

What can a vulture do for a zebra?

Vultures eat dead, rotting carcasses. By doing so, the reduce the spread of disease. That helps all animals, including zebra. Then, when a zebra dies, vultures eat it, too.

What kind of grass does a zebra eat?

I would imagine that a zebra will eat most types of grass, although like most animals it probably has several favorites.

Could any animals eat zebras?

Not all animals eat zebras. For an animal to be able to eat a zebra it has to be either an omnivore or a carnivore to start with. And unless the zebra is already dead or dying, an animal has to be big and strong enough to kill it.

What animals eat elephant grass?

Elephants eat elephant grass. Other large grazing animals such as the zebra, and the bongo, who live in Africa also eat this grass. Smaller animals are unable to eat it.

List some animals that eat both plants and animals?

Well there is a palm tree,a zebra can live there

What did early hominids eat?

Early hominids did eat meat but from animals like buffalo and zebra meat.

Do pumas eat fish?

Pumas are carnivores. They do not generally eat fish, but do stalk, kill, and eat animals such as deer and zebra.

Can you eat zebra meat?

No you can not eat zebra!

Do rattlesnake eat zebra?

No they don't. They do not live in the same parts of the world. In any case, rattlesnakes only eat small animals so they would not eat a zebra even if they did live in the same places.

Does the zebra eat the lion or the lion eat the zebra?

it is a fact that the lion does eat the zebra. The zebra can't eat the lion because zebras are herbivores and the lion would attack the zebra if the zebra came charging at the lion

What does tigers eat on a diet?

Tigers are carnivorous animals who enjoy hunting. They eat animals that they can chase and catch such as deer, zebra, monkeys, antelope. or whatever animals are in their same environment.

What are animals that lions eat?

Lions will eat anything they can catch - Warthogs, Zebra, Gazelle, Gnus, Buffalo, etc.

What does zebra spiders eat?

what does an zebra spiders eat

What animals would fit into a food chain with a lion?

A zebra because the lion will eat it.

Does zebra eats animals?

NONE.they are herbivores wich means they only eat plants.

Is a zebra a primary secondary or tertiary consumer?

primary cuz there dont eat animals