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Scorpions, wasps, hornets and bees have stingers.

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Yes. Bumblebees have stingers.

No, they do not. Only honeybees and wasps have stingers.

I Think That All Of Them Do Have Stingers

Male Bumblebees do not have stingers but, females do.

Stingers was created on 1998-09-29.

Stingers ended on 2004-12-14.

They bite. Bees leave* there stingers.

Cincinnati Stingers ended in 1979.

Cincinnati Stingers was created in 1975.

Yes, but only the female has stingers.

Yes. Because bees without stingers are dead. They can't live without their stingers. -_-

Stingers are the tip,sharp point on only honeybees and wasps.

As in most animals, Jellyfish have stingers as a forn of self defense. If an Animal attempts to attack it, it will get a nasty sting, sometimes, even a deadly one. Due to this feature, jellyfish survive better than if they didn't have stingers. This said, some species of Jellyfish don't have stingers and are harmless.

Tarantula hawks have very large stingers so few animals are able to eat them. Such as the roadrunner.

Most stingers are barbed, which allow them to grip to hard surfaces.

Of course. As long as they have not been removed or damaged they should have stingers.

New England Stingers was created in 1994.

Yes, some honey bees have stingers even though no, others do not. Honey bees (Apis spp) lack stingers if they are males, known as drones. Females possess barbed stingers as sterile worker bees and smooth stingers as queen bees.

No, they do not have stingers. Only hymenopterians bare stingers. Dragonflies may bite you if you hold one between your fingers. They have large jaws to grind their prey.

No. But some kinds of flies can bite. (Other insects, such as bees & wasps have stingers.)

no dragon flies do not have stinger they have a spike at the end of their tails but no stingers

Stingers - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

No. Their stings aren't as bad because their stingers are not poisinous. Bees stingers are though. But bees stingers are part of their body, so if they loose it, their guts fly out. Wasps stingers aren't poisinous though, and their stingers are not part of their body.

yes, stingrays are born with stingers because they can die if it has to poke through their skin.

Almost all of them. I don't think Yellow Jackets have stingers. They bite, not sting.

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