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Foxes are canines, so they are related to dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals.

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The kingdom comprises all animals. Foxes form a genus called vulpes, whose other members include the kit fox and red fox. They are more distantly related to dogs.

there are many kind of foxes like red fox and the artic fox and a fennex fox.

Yes they re both foxes and their babies are called kits. Foxes are awesome, especialy Red the Fox, my stories fox.

a red fox is related to a gray fox

The red fox is an omnivore - they eat plants as well as animals.

Not exactly, they are omnivores.Yes the red fox is a carnivore.yes

Red snapper fish Red Fox Red Deer

Of course. They're both types of foxes, and you can tell because of their names.

red fox, grey fox, squirrels, etc.

it is the red fox and the red grouse trust me

No, the red fox is an omnivore and eats both plants and animals.

Both are members of the genus Vulpes so they are closely related.

arctic fox=voles and mice red fox=eggs and small flight less animals

Animals such as Wolves and Coyotes hunt red fox as a source of food. Apart from this, Red fox is normally hunted by humans for use of its skin in clothing.

No, they are different species, the red fox is Vulpes vulpes and the grey fox is Urocyon cinereoargenteus.

Baboons are like a redish-orange. There's also a red fox

yes it can be between two different breeds of animals like a arctic fox and a red fox

A fox is related to dogs more closely than to cats.

Red foxRed squirrelRed wolfRed-tailed hawk

The animals that eat a red fox is cougars, bobcats, and lynxes. Even large owls or eagles who are hungry enough.

because it can control its food craving unlike other animals but if you really want to know ask a red fox

Red fox, Grey fox, Fennec fox, Bat eared fox, Island fox, Swift fox, Arctic fox, and Kit fox are the only ones I know of. There are said to be 23 species of foxes and a few of which are now extinct.

there are 24-28 sub species of fox . a red fox is the most common Sean fox. some people say that the red fox is a fox(althow there are many species of fox)

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