Angel Falls (Venezuela)

What animals live in Angel Falls?

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Do animals live in Angel Falls?


Are there people who live in Angel Falls?

did you know that i live in angel falls its so beautiful i almost touched the water

What animals live by Angel Falls Venezuela?

THe giant mole rat, dopole birds, and forgian donkeys.

What animals are in the Angel Falls area?

Linnaeus's two-toed sloth, giant armadillo.giant anteater, cougar, harpy eagle, jaguar, dusky parrot, green iguana, hummingbirds, and toucans live near Angel Falls.

What kind of animals live around the Iguassu Falls?

What kind of animals live around Iguza Falls

What kind of animals live in Angel Falls?

There is many species living there such as monkeys, poison arrow frogs, and loads of different types of orchids!

What animals or plants live at Angel Falls?

Monkeys,poison arrow frogs, orchids, giant anteaters, three toed sloths and jaguars

How tall are the falls of Angel Falls?

Angel Falls is 979 m

Which country are the angel falls in?

Angel Falls is a waterfall with a height of 979 meters. The country that Angel Falls is in is Venezuela.

Which is highest Angel Falls or Victoria falls?

Angel falls are the highest in the world.

What animals live in the Russell Falls?


What are the angel falls?

The Angel Falls are in Venezuala and are the highest in the world.

What physical features does Angel Falls have?

the angel falls are tall

When was Angel Falls formed?

Angel Falls was formed in about 1680

How big are Angel Falls?

Angel Falls is 3.987 miles

What contry is Angel Falls in?

Angel Falls is located in Venezuela.

Where can you find the Angel Falls?

Angel Falls are located in Venezuela

Is angel falls higher than niagara falls?

yes angel falls is bigger

What kinds of animals live on Angel Island?

Deer and raccoons live on Angel Island. There are also a lot of birds and rodents.

What animal live near Angel Falls?

Giant Armidilos

Where did Angel Falls get its American name?

The explorer who discovered angel falls last name was angel.

How big is angel falls?

angel falls is 3.987 miles long.

Has Angel Falls left a gorge?

angel falls has got a gorge

Does Angel Falls have a watercourse?

Angel Falls is part of a watercourse

What is the height of Angel Falls in ft?

Angel Falls is 3,212 ft.

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