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cattle of course Germans eat beef more than anything

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Where do farm animals live?

Farm animals live on the farm or ranch, obviously. That is why they are called "farm animals." If they were to live anywhere else besides a farm, then they wouldn't be considered "farm animals." Pigs live in a sty or pen, chickens live in a coop, horses live in a stable.

Why do cows live on a farm?

Because cows are farm animals so they live on a farm

Why do the animals assemble in the barn in the book farm animals?

because it is a play and farm animals normally live on farm. the writer images that farm animals would do that, it is a play

What animals live in Germany?

Some of the animals that live in Germany are the German Shepherd and Squirrels.

Can horses live with farm animals?

Yes. Horses are farm animals themselves in many cases.

Why is the horse being raised on the farm?

Because horses are domesticated animals. They live better and healthier lives there.

What animals live in rural places?

Farm animals and wildlife.

What is a live stock farm?

"live stock" is general term name given to farm animals. Thus a "live stock farm" is one where the main business is rearing animals (usually cattle) for food.

What farm animals live on Hawaii?

bre's live in Hawaii

What is a field where animals live called?

a farm

Why do farm animals live on a farm?

They have to organize and smash farmer Jones' system.

What is the name for the farm buildings?

farm buildings are called barns where animals live.

What farm animals live in Hawaii?

ducks and chickens

What type of farm animals live in Vietnam?


What do the animals do about the farm house?

The animals preserve it as a museum, because no animal is to live in a house.

Are there other animals you can name that live in Germany?

Some of the animals that live in Germany are badgers, deer, hedgehogs, hares, and moles. Birds like albatrosses and pelicans live in the country.

What kinds of rare animals live in Germany?

Tingu live in Germany, the bird-stick-man monster.

What kind of animals live in Virginia?

There are: * wild animals. * farm animals. * pets. * people. * fish. * birds. * insects.

What are some basic characteristics of farm animals?

Some of the characteristics of farm animals include a higher ability to socialize, because they tend to live in groups. Farm animals can also be less competitive due to abundance of food.

Is there such thing as a farm set like a toy barn with small but live animals farm animals?

I don't think so. Good idea though.

Did the farmers hunt wild animals?

No, they live on a farm. So that means they grow crops and animals.

How many animals live on a farm?

That depends on how many animals that that farm can support and how much land that farm occupies. It also depends on what type of animals are on a farm. Some farms may only have a couple animals, whereas others who have much more land may have close to a million or more.

Why can the fish live in water can the farm animal live in the sea?

Fish live in water because that's where they evolved. Land based farm animals can not survive in the sea.

What is the name of the place where the animals live?

Farm Zoo Wild Barn

What is the habitat of a lamb?

Lambs live on a farm. Sheep are hill animals!!