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The plant life of the Carboniferous period was extensive and luxuriant, especially during the Pennsylvanian. It included ferns and fernlike trees; giant horsetails, called calamites; club mosses, or lycopods, such as Lepidodendron and Sigillaria; seed ferns; and cordaites, or primitive conifers. Land animals included primitive amphibians, reptiles (which first appeared in the Upper Carboniferous), Spiders, millipedes, land snails, scorpions, enormous dragonflies, and more than 800 kinds of cockroaches. The inland waters were inhabited by fishes, clams, and various crustaceans; the oceans, by mollusks, crinoids, sea urchins, and one-celled foraminifera.

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What animals lived during the carboniferous?

Arthropods such as giant scorpions and dragonflies, as well as marine animals such as sharks are known to have lived during the carboniferous period.

What were the animals like in the carboniferous time period?

The animals of the carbo-crap period were all horses.

When was the first appearance of land animals?

Carboniferous period. It was Millions of years ago.

What does a acanthodian eat?

Acanthodians were the earliest jawed vertebrates. They lived from the Ordovician to the Carboniferous period. While some possessed teeth which allowed them to eat other marine animals, others lacked teeth and were filter feeders.

From where the Wanpanoags lived what animals lived with them?

The wanpanoags simply lived animals? YAWN.

What was an Arthropleura?

Arthropleura was a distant relative of millipedes and centipedes but much much bigger. Arthropleura lived in the carboniferous period.

Are birds and mammals decended from a common ancestor?

Yes. They share a reptilian ancestor that lived in the late Carboniferous period.

What kind of animals were in the carboniferous period?

I know the cockroach was one. as well as the dragonfly and the first amphibean.

How do you use Carboniferous in a sentence?

dodo carboniferous

What were the animals and plants during the carboniferous period?

See the link below for details. For much of the carboniferous the only animals were insects for this was a time of dominance by plants. Towards the end (about 300 million years ago) the early amphibians began to appear ... and at the very end, a few reptiles.

What were the animals in the carboniferous period?

The Carboniferous period of time saw the birth of poisonous centipedes, mammoth cockroaches, dragonflies the size of seagulls, and many species of amphibians. Mammals had yet to evolve during this time in history.

What was the land like during the carboniferous period?

very carboniferous

Why is the Carboniferous period called the Carboniferous period?

Carboniferous means carbon bearing. Large coal deposits were laid down then, hence the name.

Which animal lived?

All of the animals lived

How did the giant dragonfly become extinct?

Giant dragonflies like Meganeura and other giant insects lived in the swamps of the Carboniferous Period. After the Carboniferous comes the Permian, a period of long droughts. The swamps dried up, leaving no freshwater for Meganeura to lay its eggs in.

What did the animals look like when fossil fuels were made?

The prehistoric animals that would become our fossil fuels lived during the Carboniferous age. Terapods four legged reptile-like creatures with backbones. Early amphibians also moved from the water to land. This age was also well known of its super sized insects.

What is carboniferous period?

the carboniferous period is when dead plants were compressed and made into coal

What are some dangers in the carboniferous time period?

what are some dangers in the carboniferous period

What plants and animals lived in the mesozoic era?

Alot of plants and animals lived in the mesozic era.....

What are facts about the carboniferous period?

one interesting fact is that carboniferous means "coal bearing".

Origin of coal?

Coal is obviously a fossil fuel; it is believed to have formed from te fossilised remains from animals and plants from the Carboniferous Period.

Which animals lived during the Permian Period?

Animals such as Dimetrodon and Edaphosaurus lived during the Permian Period.

What do you think to the animals which lived in the forest before?

what dou think happened to the animals which lived in the forest before

What animals lived in OHIO when it was underwater?

No animals lived in underwater Ohio since it was underwater. They had to be fish, but no mammals.

What animals lived in the time of the Aztecs?

Different animals

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